Going Back to Greendale: Community Season Five Premieres Tonight

Remy Carreiro January 2, 2014 0


It is a rather important day for us Community fans. A day we have all been waiting for. A day we thought we would never experience after the abysmal season four last year. Tonight, the big man is back in charge. Community creator Dan Harmon is back in control this season, and the buzz so far has been off the charts. I guess, tonight we will see if Community can put its money where its mouth is, and bring us die hard fans back on board. Tonight is when Community season five premiers, and it better be streets ahead.

There are many things riding on season five of Community. First off, like mentioned, we have the return of (the frankly brilliant) Dan Harmon. With Rick and Morty on Adult Swim, Dan has proven he still has it (it being the  ability to fire off killer jokes faster than the audience can follow). But, on the other side of that, we lose Donald Glover in a few episodes. The rumor is that his final episode is brilliant, but regardless, Troy is one of the best character on Community and I am not sure if that is a hit they can afford to take yet.

I think the biggest thing we fans are paying attention to with Community season five is how they are going to address season four. My vote is they ret-con it somehow and convince us it never happened. Now that would be a genius move to write home about. Either way, tune in to NBC at 8 pm tonight to see the season five premiere of Community.

[Photo via Justin Lubin/NBC]