Hulu May Have Eyes for Community Season Six


What is dead may never die.

Though NBC finally axed Community after the show limped along in the ratings for five years despite its cult status, it appears the show’s light might not be completely out just yet. Community wasn’t owned by NBC, it was owned by Sony, and now the company is in early, early talks with Hulu to possibly air more episodes of the show on the streaming service. Yes, that means a season six, in some form or another.

I’ll stress not to get your hopes up. Many dead shows have been “in talks” to be picked up by another channel at some time or another, but deals like this often fall through. Sometimes the cast splits up doing other projects, or sometimes the costs are just too high.

That said, in an age where Netflix can bring Arrested Development back from the dead, anything seems possible as streaming services have lots of cash and want to steal eyeballs from TV. Hulu isn’t quite Netflix, but it does have clout and this could be good for them as they try to have more original programming of their own.

Sony is good at getting cancelled shows back online, so perhaps they can do the same with Community as they’ve done with Drop Dead Diva and Unforgettable previously. Do you want them to bring it back, or should the show be left to rest in peace? Does the show absolutely need to make it to six seasons and a movie, no matter what it takes?

[Photo via NBC]

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