Hulu Will Not Save Community


We are big Community fans here, so we are clinging on every piece on news that surfaces about the show Community. It’s gone like this so far. Community is cancelled! Community might come back! Hulu Might Save Community! But now comes the worst, and probably final news about all. As you can see in the soul shattering headline, Hulu’s not saving Community. We want to throw our hands up in the air and fall to our knees screaming why but we feel like our upstairs neighbor will just get mad, and that starts a whole thing.

But make no mistakes, this is THAT crushing to us.  Seems Hulu pulled out of any talks they were having about the resurrection of this amazing show. Keep in mind, Dan Harmon and people on board at Community may have some other network in mind, or may be working out another deal. Truth is, even for someone like me who is keeping his hopes for this show as high as possible, this doesn’t look good and does not bode well for the future of the show. But, we will not throw in the towel yet. Call it faith or call it denial, doesn’t matter. Community is too brilliantly written to just fade out like so many shows before it. Hulu pulling out is a mistake, but someone will see that and act.



[Photo via NBC]

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    As a devoted Community fan I’ve lost all hope of getting a season 6. So why not do a movie? Wrap up the show properly and give us some closure.