Mad Men Meets Community in Best Season Five Trailer Yet

Remy Carreiro December 26, 2013 0

Mad Men and Community may have almost nothing in common (outside of the lovely Alison Brie), but some genius mind wondered what it would be like if the trailer for the new season of Community was done, Mad Men style. I have said it before and will say it again. Sometimes two things that taste great, taste even better together. In the end, we realize that Mad Men meets Community is far more awesome than any of us could have expected. It may be short, is it ever sweet.

Rather than weigh you down with exposition about how good it is, I will just let you see it and size it up for yourself in the video above.

We would argue that the best moment in this Mad Men meets Community mash up is when we see Troy asking someone off screen if they staged a robot fight, with pure anger in his eyes. That reminds us that this is Donald Glover’s last season as Troy. That makes our brain cry.

But if this trailer is any indication, season five is going to remind us exactly why we love Community in the first place. Oh, and regarding season four, I have no idea what you’re talking about. There was no season four.