All The Movie References From Community

One of the best things about the show Community is figuring out all the movie and pop culture references. The show fires off on many levels, and very quickly. It is the kind of show where you blink, and you miss a joke or reference. One of my favorite thing about the show is trying to find all the movie references and easter eggs from any given episode. As I found out from this video, I am not the only one who obsesses about that.

So do you think you could find all the movie references from Community? Well, one Youtube user was kind enough to do just that, and put them in a nice, little video for everyone to watch and marvel at. The best part, as an avid fan of this show (and film in general), I thought I had seen most of these on my own. Reality is, there are even more than I knew.

So which movie references from Community most impressed (or surprised) you? A few of my favorites from this season so far as the Professional quote that Britta did (EVERYYYYONE!!!), and the Zardoz/Starburns reference was the stuff of true nerd legend. This video makes me want to watch the entire run of the show again to see just what I missed. I now realize, I missed a lot more than I thought I did.

Kickpuncher would not be proud of me, right now.

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