Rumor: Fast and Furious’s Justin Lin May Direct Community Movie

justin lin

All you Community fans must remember, when the show disappeared for awhile, the big chant among fans was “six seasons and a movie”. Well, the show came back, and people began talking less and less about the movie, and more and more about how picture perfect this season has been. Well, guess what? The rumor is that the Community movie is something that still could very much be happening? The is the kind of news that is streets ahead. I am sorry, but I will never stop making that Community joke, so deal with it.

Okay, so the Community movie may be happening, but there is a weird part to the story that no one knows. Of all the possible people they have mentioned that could direct the film, the name Justin Lin keeps coming up. You know, the guy who directed the last four movies of the Fast and the Furious franchise? Listen, I am not trying to sound like Pierce here, but is that not a weird choice? Like, why would it be impossible for Dan Harmon to direct? It is his series, his characters, and anytime they end up in any else’s hands it just does not play out right, so why gamble with that? Just seems strange. I mean, unless the movie is all about car racing, and with Community, who knows?

Truthfully, I could care less who is directing. I am just glad the Community movie might actually happen.

[Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty]

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