This is Streets Behind: Community Might Be Getting Canceled


In news that literally almost made me sob out loud, it seems Community might be going under the ax again. Yup, even though it has had one of its strongest and most subversively brilliant seasons yet. And even though Dan Harmon is back on board and the show trends on Twitter every single Thursday. Yup, even with all that taken into consideration, Community might be getting canceled. Please excuse me for a moment, my whole brain is crying.

Understand, what you are about to read is only hearsay so far, but we still wanted to share it. Chris McKenna, who is one of the main writers on Community, said some strange things about Community in the last two days on his Twitter feed. You can click here and see for yourself, but I can sum it up for you. He basically told people to get over themselves and give up. Community is dead, were his exact words. He followed it up with some tweets that seemed less damning, but essentially did not back off on what he said. Does he know something that we do not? Did the season do worse than we think? Truth is, NBC has already picked up many shows for the new season, and in that, filled MANY time slots. Thing is, they have NOT renewed Community yet. This is very upsetting news to us.

So should I just start the chant again? Fine, say it with me people:

Six season and a movie.

Six seasons and a movie

Six seasons and a movie.

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  • YesCubanB

    Well, that’s definitely a downer. Wth NBC!? It’s honestly the only NBC show I watch. Unless you count the times I happen to accidentally catch the Tonight show. Or even less often, but still unintentionally, SNL.