Will Community Get Its Movie Too?


I know by now all you guys and gals are in full joyous shock about the news about Yahoo picking up and saving the brilliant Dan Harmon created Community (we had lost all hope there for a moment). But we are about to stack even better news on top of that news. Today is a great day to be a Community fan. Looks like not only the show is happening again, but we are getting that much lauded about movie, too.

In addition to what was said about the next season, Zack Van Amburg of Yahoo was asked what he planned on doing with the Community crew after season six, and he said “Let’s see how our movie does? Isn’t that our plan? There is no way we are not making the movie now.” Whoa, whoa. So you are telling us that we not only get some more Community (one of the best comedies on TV, ever) but we DO get our six seasons and a movie? It is hard not to be elated at this. Most of us thought Community was gone forever. That we had spent the last hours with our favorite oddball study crew. Come to find out, there will be another season (at least) and a full length movie.

We may be jumping up and down for joy right now, but it’s safe to bet that Chevy Chase is kicking himself.

[Photo via NBC]

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