Yet Another New Community Season Five Trailer – “Beyond the Darkest Timeline”

Paul December 13, 2013 0

Well shoot, I’d been avoiding putting off watching this new Community season five trailer for a day because I thought it was the same as the other one we featured earlier this week starring Jeff Winger. But turns out it’s a different sort of movie parody this time, one that shows all-out war at Greendale, and meant to parody The Hobbit.

It’s actually really well done, better than the other one, and it does really have me looking forward to this season with Dan Harmon returning. NBC’s desperation is our gain, as they brought back a low-rated show any other network would have killed, just because it has a fanbase. Not only that, but they’re now using “six seasons and a movie” as the official tagline for the show, a sentiment that first got started when Community was thought to be canceled around season two or three. Now, in the current state of NBC, that goal doesn’t seem so absurd after all. I can easily see them going to six seasons with Harmon back, and perhaps they’ll settle for a TV movie instead of a theatrical one.

Are you excited for this new season of Community? Do you believe it will be a return to form?