Must Watch: The First Full Episode of FOX’s Cosmos

While the True Detective finale and The Walking Dead were both on at 9 yesterday, one other show moved me more than both of them. That would be the premiere of the Seth MacFarlane-produced Cosmos on FOX, where Neil DeGrasse Tyson takes viewers on a journey through space and time in his own version of a Doctor Who TARDIS, a CGI “imagination ship.”

The premiere may not have been groundbreaking for those interested in science already, but the show is meant to be an introduction to the entire universe for the uninitiated. Even though I’ve heard things like the scope of the universe and the 13 billion year “calender” before, it was fantastic to see them rendered onscreen here with surprisingly great special effects.

If you missed it, the first episode is online above, and you can watch it for yourself (in full screen preferably). I think we’re all surprised that this is coming from Seth MacFarlane and FOX, but it’s already a must-see on Sunday nights. And I absolutely teared up at the end as Tyson describes his relationship with the last host of Cosmos, Carl Sagan.

It was truly a great evening, and I look forward to the entire series.

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  • Pabluzcu

    The personal touch at the end was very moving, the homage to Carl was all over the place even with short audio clips, but that last comments on Carl as a human being was very moving for me, I was initially concerned about a “remake” of Cosmos but this is no “remake”, despite borrowing concepts and topics, this is something else, and I like it very much so far.