Cougar Town Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Jules and Grayson are Getting Married

Shilo Adams May 25, 2012 0

cougar townThe impending nuptials of Jules and Grayson have been driving the third season of Cougar Town from the time he proposed. Like it or not, if you were in the couple’s world in any extent, you had to deal with the typical wedding worries, only Jules-ified. There have been storylines dedicated to Trav “auditioning” to be the wedding photographer, a maid-of-honor competition between Ellie and Laurie, and Grayson asking for Chick’s blessing, but the time for preparation is over.

There’s about to be a Cul-de-Sac Crew wedding and yes, it may be time to panic.

You’d think, at least. A finale wedding is typically hectic, full of mishaps and a whole lot of misunderstandings, but it looks like the only confusion here is Jules and her six viewings of Groundhog Day. (No spoilers!) But really, Jules and Grayson are surprisingly calm for a couple about to walk down the aisle, possibly thanks to their decision to elope. Jules has a very hard time letting go of control, particularly of her dream wedding following a, ahem, modest ceremony with Bobby, but her love for Grayson may actually override the need to be in command.

Elsewhere with the Crew, Ellie turns the charm on to get a hotel employee (guest star David Arquette) to get Jules and Grayson a reception venue and Laurie talks about her time at the Stud Farm in preparation for Jules’ bachelorette party. Additionally, the founder of Krazy Kakes is in charge of the wedding cake, leading to another serious flirtation with Trav. The two have some pretty intense chemistry (and have gotten better at acknowledging it), but thanks to their age difference and Laurie’s Army boyfriend Wade, they’ve never really acted on it. Perhaps all the romance in the air has become contagious?

The one-hour season finale of Cougar Town airs Tuesday, May 29th at 8:00 on ABC. The show has been picked up by TBS for a fourth season, set to premiere in early 2013.

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