Cougar Town Sneak Peeks: Disco Smoke Detector

COUGAR TOWNAfter a season of personal and professional progress, the gang from Cougar Town may just have to look toward the past, whether they like it or not.

In sneak peeks from tomorrow’s episode, delayed last week by a Dancing with the Stars encore, Grayson pries open a drawer that had been stuck for 15 years. In it, there’s the typical blast-from-the-past nostalgia (koosh balls!), but there’s something that will plague our dear, beloved Laurie: a Simon.

For those who may not know, Simon is a memory game that combines sound and color into patterns that you have to repeat. It’s a great brain teaser, a way to make yourself frustrated, and a symbol of late 1980s pop culture, but in the hands of Ellie, it’s a weapon to use against Laurie. After explaining to her the origin behind the “jelly bean” nickname (I won’t spoil, but it’s a good one), Ellie springs the trap, touching the first button on the Simon and dooming Laurie to the task of remembering things. Cougar Town has used episode-long gags before, so don’t be shocked if Laurie spends the entirety of “You Can Still Change Your Mind” planted in the kitchen, trying to defeat the game.

Elsewhere, Grayson is now baby proofing Casa Jules, thanks to the arrival of baby Tampa in the last new episode. Hopefully Big Carl and all his friends are put out of her reach; goodness knows, we don’t need the same tragedy that befell Big Joe to strike Big Carl. I don’t think anybody, myself included, couldn’t handle another crushing blow like that.

Cougar Town airs Tuesday at 8:30 on ABC after a new episode of Last Man Standing. The season finale is currently scheduled to be a one hour event on May 15th at 8:00.

Did Grayson’s baby proofing remind anyone of the time he and Jules took care of Stan? Do you think Laurie will defeat the game and shove it in Ellie’s face? The origin of jelly bean: funny or really funny?

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