Tonight on Criminal Minds: Reid Turns 30 and Ponders His Future

criminal mindsCriminal Minds is back tonight with a case that has a notorious history and the 30th birthday of Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler).

A series of murders in the San Francisco area that bear a strong resemblance to the Zodiac killings from 40 years ago, has the team questioning whether the serial killer is back or if there is a copycat who is trying to recreate the original crimes. Even though the original perpetrator was never officially caught it is hard to believe that it is the same person committing these new murders (for more on Zodiac I would highly recommend the David Fincher movie of the same name). The victimology appears to be the same but it is noted that this is one of the most documented unsolved cases and so recreating the crimes would be pretty simple to do. The case looks like it could turn personal for Reid as he is handed a note that reads “You’re not as smart as you think you are.”

Reid is hitting a milestone birthday and begins to ponder whether he is doing enough with his genius abilities and this case compounds this feeling more. Matthew Gray Gubler spoke to TV Line about why Reid is feeling like this as “at 14 you’re really, really special, because not everybody could do what you do. But at 30, it doesn’t feel like you’re as special as you once were.” It’s only natural for Reid to be feeling like this and perhaps he does need something outside of his job to satisfy his genius abilities. It is job related but we will get to see Reid and Prentiss (Paget Brewster) attending a violent crime seminar that features the best selling crime novelist Patricia Cornwell (who will be playing herself).

One Reid related story that is still unresolved is the headaches he started getting last season and this is definitely something that executive producer Erica Messer would like to tackle in the near future. The reason why the story has been put on the back burner is not because they have conveniently forgotten about it, but is down to a scheduling issue with the super busy Jane Lynch, who plays Reid’s mother on the show. Messer told TV Line that:

“The hope was that we were going to be able to explore those headaches a bit last year with Jane Lynch, and get her take on it. But because of Jane’s schedule, we just were never able to. It’s still a part of the character, and that it’s a sort of psychosomatic issue he has speaks volumes.”

Are you looking forward to a Reid centric episode? Do you think he needs to find something outside of the BAU to expand his use of his genius abilities? Are you looking forward to the team investigating a real unsolved crime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Watch the promo for this new Criminal Minds episode “True Genius” below.




  • Maggie T

    Love every episode, a Reid centric would be awsome, if he finds something outside the BAU hope they include in the show

  • Mike Mc

    Reid is my favorite love the idea of a Reid centric character…especially since it sounds like he is being challenged by the culprit

  • Melody

    Anything that involves Reid will make me happy. If I had his brain, I know that i would need outside stimuli for the purposes of just keeping my brain sharp and keeping me from being bored. Heck, if I had their jobs I'd have to have outside stimuli to help me from going insane looking and dealing with the crap they do. I'm not sure what the best hobby or project is for Reid to take on, but he needs to find something that gets his mind off of work. It has to be something that can spiritually and mentally transport him outside of the harsh reality this very young man lives in.

  • Stella

    Hate Reid and Reid-centric episodes. The series was almost ruined for me when he was the "star" of the over-the-top gory and misogynist Super Bowl episodes (Big Game & Revelations) back in '07. What was Ed Bernero thinking? He didn't win over any new fans to CM with that trash. The show had been stellar up until then. Love Prentiss, Morgan, Hotch & Rossi. Like JJ too. Tired of Garcia and her awful tackiness.

  • Courtiers

    Oh please more Reid centered episodes…whew, he just gets better looking with age!

  • Daisy

    Stupid episode and the show is getting boring with the constant annoying storylines about the characters especially Reid. If it’s not the drug problem, it’s the headache, than their Reid mother mental issues that he may get and, now he not a super genius anymore. Enough already we are so over Mr my life is one big tragedy

  • ZodiacRevisited

    This was my first time watching Criminal Minds. I tuned in specifically because the story line involved the Zodiac killer. I have to say, I was disappointed. If you're interested, you can read more about why here:

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