Tonight on Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: What is Going on Between Garcia and Morgan?

emma fraser February 8, 2012 24

criminal mindsThe last outing of Criminal Minds was the 150th episode and we got a glimpse of how Emily’s (Paget Brewster) return to the BAU has affected her emotionally. Despite the brave face that Emily has put on Hotch (Thomas Gibson) believes that she needs to address what she went through. The emotional connection between these characters is evident and Emily does indeed reach out to Hotch at the end of the episode. This connection isn’t anything romantic yet, even if some viewers would like it to be, but is tonight going to be the start of something between two of the other members of the team? Spoilers ahead.

Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) have flirtatious banter all the time, full of innuendo and ‘baby girl’ talk but could this week see them take this relationship beyond this? The sneak peek below shows Garcia waking up with a rather large hangover thanks to all the wine she drank after getting into a fight with boyfriend Kevin (Nicholas Brendon) and she can’t remember anything after the fight. Garcia thinks that things might have gone too far with her co-worker when he emerges from the shower in just a towel (Shemar Moore fans will be more that happy about this attire). Did something happen between the pair or is it completely innocent?

Executive producer Erica Messer told Entertainment Weekly in regards to this storyline “I just thought, ‘Are we going too far down a road that we can’t come back?’” This could all be a giant tease and misunderstanding thanks to Garcia and her wine blackout and it will hopefully lead to some super awkward and amusing exchanges between the pair.

The case tonight sees the team heading to Atlantic City to investigate casino related murders. Dean Cain (The New Adventures of Superman) guest stars as down-on-his-luck gambler Curtis Banks, who hits a winning streak that has a chilling edge. Does Banks believe he has to kill to ensure that he will win?

Would you like to see something happen between Garcia and Morgan? Do you think it will end up being a huge misunderstanding? Let us know your thoughts on Criminal Minds and the romantic entanglements you would like to see in the comments.

Watch a sneak peek and an extended promo for tonight’s episode “Snake Eyes” below.




  • DayB

    I would totally Love for Morgan and Garcia to get together! <3

    • va1crum

      I totally agree with you, their chemistry is amazing and they would make a hot, hot, hot couple

  • Jessica

    I would totally hate for Morgan and Garcia to get together. I'm so tired of 'shippers destroy Every. Single. Show on television. Can't they just confine themselves to Oxygen and Lifetime movies and leave the dramas and police procedurals alone. Newsflash – it is improbable that highly trained and highly disciplined BAU agents would "hook up."

  • Tuca

    I’d love to see Emily and Hotch together. They’re perfect!

    • Jessica

      Maybe you need to go watch Lifetime or write some fanfic.

      • @SuperHotNerd

        Wow Jessica…snarky much?
        Tuca wasn't bashing anything, just stating an opinion.

        • Jessica

          I was stating mine. I hate 'shippers because they have to ruin every show. Isn't that why we have Oxygen and Lifetime networks? Why can't they just leave procedurals alone? Why does every &^%$ show have to have a relationship. Life isn't Disney people. There is no Snow White, no Prince Charming and every show does not need to have one. How about stop Disneyfying everything. I've seen too many of my favorite shows ruined by 'shippers. Enough is enough.

          • @SuperHotNerd

            "Life isn't Disney people".

            This isn't "life" it's a TV show.

          • Tuca

            You know, we have the right to watch investigation shows as much as you. And we have the right to want some love on earth too. Or you really think every police man or fbi agente doesn't have a life or a romance or hook up? Maybe it's because of that lack of love that the world is this /@% nowadays. And if people really just watches this shows to see people being cut off, killed, or raped, I'm starting to worry that human population is made of a bunch of serial killers.
            And just so you know, we don't ruin anything because never happens anything between the couples we ship. And if it ruins it's because the producers don't know how to do it.

          • Jessica

            You seem to miss the main point of the show Tuca. It's about rapist, and serial killers not a relationship between main characters.

    • Jessica

      @superhotnerd –

      “Life isn’t Disney people”.

      This isn’t “life” it’s a TV show.

      you obviously never heard of a rhetorical statement. The point being is there are enough shows out there with relationships. Why destroy shows that are obviously unsuited for them.

  • elizabeth ann

    I prefer that the banter and flirtations stay for Garcia and Morgan. Kevin is a better match for her in the long-run. I'm sure it would be fun to have a little affair with Morgan but in the end it wouldn't end up a strong relationship. And it would likely cause a lot of problems in their sweet friendship. I will stick by my hopes for things to work out for Kevin and Garcia.

  • Samantha

    I like it better when Morgan and Garcia flirt with each other nothing more plz

  • anna

    i do not think hotch and emily need to get together nor should garcia and morgan, the team needs to contiue to be professional…

  • Courtney

    Lol, wow…People are really mad about this. I do love the banter between Morgan and Garcia. I think she cAn do WAY better than Kevin, however I think that Garcia probably just called Morgan, he came over to take care of her and she either a) tossed her cookies all over him or b) he is just taking a shower like normal peope do in the morning. Smh, on the up side we get to see a towel wearing SSA Morgan!

  • RRM

    I think Morgan loves & respect Garcia as a wonderful & valued dear friend…. I see his character as some one with to much integrity to be intimate with some one wasted & not in their right state of mind….. He has to much pride in "doing the right thing" & self respect than to do something like that….. In my opinion!!!!!
    Not to mention…. He doesn't appear have any problem getting who & what he wants, so why potentially destroy a super friendship by takeing advantage of anyone who is drunk & effecting the outcome of a job they depend on each other to do everyday????

  • Stephanie

    After years of watching this show, I find it impossible to believe that Morgan would EVER in a million years take advantage of Garcia (or any woman) when she was drunk. Their friendship is too special for that. I love the little flirty stuff & nicknames, but that's as far as it should go! Anything sexual between them would be disastrous. And since when does Garcia get so drunk that she can't remember anything? WTH? This storyline is completely just unbelievable.

  • Tc smith

    I would like to see Dr Reid with a new character portrayed by me. The character bio I have in mind would work fabulous with Reids character.

  • Lauren

    seriously people, you are wasting your time getting heated about characters on a tv show – how sad

    • SHK

      Agree it really sad people are getting angry about characters hook ups. This article is like every other article when a magazine writer just makes stuff up to get people irritated. We are always reading that people want to see Morgan and Garcia together or Hotch and Emily. Who are these people? Whenever you read people posts below the articles, the majority of these so-called people are saying the opposite. It would be sad if the producers of this show go down the road of changing the programme from a crime thriller to romantic drama and just show that Erica Messer hasn’t developed from when she was writing the OC.

      • cal

        it's so true that all these writers claim to be the voice of the public just to cause trouble. It must be limiting to just write reviews for television programmes, but it's annoying that they constantly need to create drama where there isn't any and it's silly people always take the bait. Out of a 45min show all this writer could take away from the show was the stupid storyline between Gracia and Morgan.

  • ijcm

    What will be will be. As you say it is a show everything fictional. I don't have a problem with that, just enjoy the great acting we get with this show, long may it continue

  • Mol

    I think that Morhan and Garcia should just stay friends Kevin is more the type for Garcia.

    • jess

      i beleive if they did end up bringing garcia and morgan together it would bring a different dynamic to the show that no other show has on it she is the querky, not twig figure smart and loving character and morgan is the hot and sexc, closet play boy, street smart and very knowledgeably practical would give people the idea that these two typesof characters could awesomely work and could work!!! they have a great on screen chemistry but more to the point the characters that they represent within the team would give a whole new perspective to the show!!!! good i think!!!