Ringer Episode 5 Review: Oh, Henry, What Have You Done?!

If anyone out there decided to stop watching Ringer after the admittedly slow first few episodes, they are definitely missing out now. Episode 5 aired this week and the show is getting very, very good.

Let’s start at the beginning. Last week’s episode exposed the show’s biggest secret in an unexpected twist. Gemma learned about Siobhan and Henry’s affair and, when she confronted the woman she thought was Siobhan, Bridget was forced to tell her that she’s actually Siobhan’s twin sister. Gemma finally believed it after realizing that Bridget didn’t have a scar that Siobhan did. But this entire situation presented her with the perfect opportunity. She told Bridget that she wanted her to sleep with Henry, allowing Gemma to catch the two of them red-headed, invoke the infidelity clause in their pre-nup and leave Henry penniless after divorcing him. The problem, however, is that Bridget simply couldn’t go through with it. After the stress caused her to consider taking pills (which resulted in a call to her new potential sponsor, Charlie), Bridget decided to tell Henry about Gemma’s plan.

Later, Gemma confronted Bridget about her refusal to follow through with their plan and threatened to tell Andrew the truth. But Bridget begged Gemma to keep her secret in order to protect Juliet (more on that soon). Gemma finally backed down, but Henry confronted her about knowing the truth. Later, Gemma called Andrew in tears, begging him to come over to her house. But when Andrew arrived, he only found Henry, who claimed everything was fine. Until Andrew left and we saw a destroyed house with blood dripping down the walls. Which, I’m sure, leads all of us to believe that Henry had actually killed his wife.

Meanwhile, Juliet continued to act out and Bridget quickly told Andrew that Juliet was an addict. When Juliet caught Bridget at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, she was fortunately able to use Juliet’s addiction as a excuse for ‘doing research’at the meeting. Andrew, fed up with his daughter’s antics, decided to enrol her in public school to get her away from her friends, who he felt are a bad influence. Later, when Andrew and Bridget confronted Juliet at a club, she told them that her hatred of Siobhan stems from the fact that Andrew slept with Siobhan while still married to Juliet’s mother (although he says their relationship was long over). Juliet resented Siobhan for breaking up her family. Bridget told Juliet that she could hate her all she wanted, but begged her to stop hurting both Andrew and herself. At the end of the episode, Juliet helped Bridget clean Siobhan’s ruined painting, giving us hope that the two might finally be able to patch things up.

Finally, in the least interesting storyline, Malcolm continued to be beaten up by Macawi, who had successfully gotten him addicted to drugs again. While I sympathize with Malcolm, I’m uninterested in watching his scenes. Unless or until his storyline connects with Bridget’s, it would be better to keep them minimal. It’s simply too disconnected from everything that’s going on.

Other than the Malcolm scenes, this episode was terrific. Ringer is getting very good at delivering jaw-dropping cliffhangers at the end of each episode. I didn’t think Bridget would have to admit her secret so soon. Episode 5 and already the big secrets are being revealed! Beyond that, Gemma quickly became my favourite character as of this episode. And while her about-face at the end of the episode was a bit sudden, her storyline overall was terrific. Watching her play the scorned wife was so delicious.

But the real question is what happens next. Already I’m excited about next week’s episode after watching the promo (view it here). Have we got a real murder-mystery on our hands? Could Henry really have killed his wife? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility. We know his book has been rejected. His wife was threatening to leave him penniless and take his children. Could all of that have driven him to kill? It would make for a terrific twist, but if it deprives me of Gemma going forward I may just have to cry foul.

This episode actually kind of made me realize that my only other problem with Ringer at this point (besides Malcolm, obviously) is the Siobhan storyline. Right now it’s what’s happening with Bridget that’s interesting, if only because she has a great supporting cast around her. I have no idea what Siobhan is really up to and while Bridget’s story is delivering consistently, Siobhan’s isn’t. I’m hoping they’ll start revealing more about Siobhan’s plans in order to keep me interested. But an episode without her talking about her mysterious plan made me realize that I need more from her in order to put it on equal footing with what’s happening back in New York.

However, Malcolm and Siobhan are but minor complaints at this point. I’m thrilled I stuck with Ringer and I hope the rest of you are too. I can’t wait to see what happens in the October 18 episode!

  • Taylah

    It is a terrific series, but I think that they may have jumped too quickly into telling her secret.. I dont want the series to be a dud and end after only one season. But other than that the characters are interesting and the cliffhangers sure do make you crave the next episode.

    • Michelle

      In interviews with Gellar it looks like they have 3 seasons planned out already. So, no worries!

  • blub

    I don't think Henry killed Gemma. Rather than that I guess he has locked her up somewhere. Maybe in the basement? Because if she was really dead just after revealing the big secret and only moments before telling Andrew, the writers would be cheating us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hobbyhorses Dom Bolton

    I wasn't expecting Bridget to reveal her identity so soon and thought it was cool, and shocking, that she did. Is Gemma dead? I'd personally hope that she is, not only because I'm kind of sadistic, but because I'm not too sure how much longer I could have put up with her scowling. Also, it keeps Bridget's secret safe which will bring more tension to the fold.

    I've got to agree, the series is picking up and the last 2 episodes have shown that anything can, and will happen. It's not the sort of show I'd usually go for, and after the first couple of episodes which were flooded with cheesey emotional pop songs I was cringing a little. But they've seen sense, took away the cringey tunes and starting a deliever a very decent show.

  • Tracy

    SMG is a fan fav and I knew that because of that this series would stick! Her voice and her mannerisms are why she us this character! It’s cruel intentions meets gossip girl.

  • Holy_Fajitas

    I must say, the first few episodes did feel a bit cheesy, and the only thing that kept me going was that I'm a big SMG fan, but these last few episodes have been awesome. I loved the one where they went to the Hamptons, the situation with Gemma, etc. Episode 5 was like the one where things are really starting to happen. The situation with Juliet was interesting (and it was nice to actually see more of her for once) and then the emotional rollercoaster poor Gemma was put through (Gemma blackmails Bridget, Bridget tells Henry, Bridget and Gemma make up, but then Henry confronts Gemma etc). It's definately getting better. Now I am invested in this show. But still so many questions:
    What is Sionhan planning and who is her accomplice, is Gemma alive, has Andrew by now figured out it's not really his wife, and why the hell are those crims not just letting Malcolm go so he can lead them to Bridget

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