Dallas Preview: The Battle for Southfork Resumes This June!

Clarissa June 6, 2012 0

DallasThe Ewing family returns to television in Dallas on TNT, a continuation of the original series. A younger generation may have been added to the cast, but the fight for Southfork is still the same dirty fight as ever.

Dallas returns with a two-hour premiere in a few weeks, about twenty years after the original series ended. Here’s what we know about the premiere: “Television’s first family of drama, sabotage, secrets and betrayal are gathering at Southfork Ranch for the upcoming wedding of Bobby’s adopted son, Christopher, to Rebecca Sutter. Although the occasion is joyous, an old family rivalry crosses generations after secret oil drilling on Southfork results in a major gusher. Everyone has his or her own agenda when the fight over oil and land threatens to tear the Ewings apart once again.”

In the second hour: “The plot to take control of Southfork gets complicated when two-timing affairs and blackmail arise, and J.R. starts to ask one too many questions. Meanwhile, Christopher and Elena bury their feelings in order work together on a business deal. But Christopher’s new bride may be hiding her own secrets.”

The new Dallas is steamy, sexy, dramatic and full of the cliffhangers and twists that delighted viewers of the original series. TNT has released a new trailer for the show, which you can view below. Excited to return to Southfork? You should be!

Dallas premieres on June 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.