Bill Nye Dances To Daft Punk on Dancing with the Stars


The term: Dancing With The Stars just changed forever for me. While my girlfriend tends to love the show, I tend to leave the room and go play GTA 5. But I would be lying if I were to pretend that Bill Nye hasn’t changed that forever for me. Not only is Bill Nye awesome, and key to making every kid who grew up in the nineties smarter, now we know, the dude can somehow tear it up to Daft Punk. Come on, no one saw this coming, not even me.

First of all, let’s talk about how how he looked. Imagine if your science nerd friend suddenly decided he wanted to make a superhero costume out of stuff in his garage. THAT is what Bill Nye looks like here. Like, perhaps, he is a robot coded with nerd integrity. He proceeds to dance like a robot to Daft Punk, which, as you know, are robots (lol) so it was all a very fitting homage to music, dance, science, and pure WHAT? Really, as cool as it was, it was one of those insane moments when you look at your TV and think to yourself: Is this really happening?

While unfortunately he was voted off,  I didn’t stay tuned long enough to find out. Truth is, I didn’t want to see if he had been voted off, because I knew it would have enraged me, so I just watched the performance, felt myself get smarter and wiser from it, and changed the channel before they dropped the axe.

If it was up to me Bill Nye would win Dancing With the Stars for that perfect performance alone.

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