Dancing with the Stars 18.11 Review: “Season Finale Part 2”


Tonight, it’s time to hand out the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars… almost. First, we have Dancing With the Stars Road to the Finale, a little trip with the final three contestants talking about their beginnings and their story in the competition so far. To begin with, we had Amy. First, after she recuperated from her disease, she danced before she could walk. It’s almost as if she knew she was going to be on the show! Derek then added, “She’s no longer just a skier. She’s no longer just a dancer. She’s a pioneer.” Next came Candace. She said that after her breakdown in the cha-cha, she confided in Mark that, “She wants the journey to be for the both of them.” That’s probably why Len later commented that, “There’s a charm,” about her. Finally, Meryl came up. Everyone noted that her relationship with Maks was going to be different than the one she had with Charlie because the latter was more brotherly. They were sure that the one with Maks wasn’t going to be. They do have a good friendship and Carrie Ann remarked that the two of them have the “best partnership she’s ever seen. It’s magic.”

Next we came to the actual Dancing With the Stars finale! After a quick recap of last night where it was shown that Candace cried, Meryl and Maks like each other a lot, and Amy had an out-of-this-world experience, we’re up to speed. Next, it was almost as if we were playing catch-up. James & Peeta did an encore of their freestyle from last night which was just as good while Team Loco decided to perform their dance again. I noticed that it seemed to bring Candace right back to the time when she felt uncomfortable dancing. Some other performance from past stars were Nene in her best dance costume and Danica & Val doing their Disney Night quickstep, cartoons and everything! What I did like about all of these dances thought was that while everyone took the dances seriously, all of the contestants had fun doing them. You should have seen the smile on Drew’ s face when he was performing the jive. I don’t think it was his best performance but he was just having fun being out on the ball room floor again.

A few more take-aways were that Meryl & Charlie, who are partners off-screen ice skating, danced together. I thought they looked good. The new co-host Erin Andrews is actually very funny! She’s having a good time up in the sky-box with the contestants. Candace & Mark are always thanking their fans. Finally, let me tell you, the mistakes were hilarious. I was watching outtakes throughout the season and it was pretty good.

The performances tonight consisted of Iggy Azalea, the female rapper, Amber Riley, the reigning DWtS champ, Ariana Grande, current pop star, and Christina Perry, who sang the song that Amy danced one of her songs to. Cody Simpson also performed. I wish he would have danced with Witney as opposed to just having her be a backup dancer but I’ll take what I can get.

Finally, in the last half hour, the dancing began!! Amy & Derek started off with a tango cha-cha fusion. It was good and all of the judges said what an inspiration she was throughout the season. With a score of 30 tonight, she has a combined score from last night and tonight of 89.

Candace & Mark went next. They had a fusion dance of quickstep and samba. They looked like they had fun and you could tell on their faces that they did. Afterwards, Candace kept saying, “I did it!” I was happy she was so happy with how the dance had turned out. After a score of 27 tonight, she has a combined score of 78.

Finally, Meryl & Maks had a fusion dance of foxtrot and cha-cha. With this being the last dance, Carrie Ann put it best when she said, “What a way to end Season 18!” She was right.

And now it’s time for the Mirror Ball. In 3rd Place was Candace & Mark. She said she won just by being in the episode. Good attitude Candace! In 2nd place we had Amy & Derek. This means that Mirror Ball went to Meryl and Maks!

Again, this can be attributed to their great friendship. Meryl knew how much it meant to Maks so when Tom asked how she felt about winning, she pointed to Maks and said, “It’s all him.” She knew who the trophy truly belonged to tonight. He commented that while he has been going after it for a while, to “do it with Meryl is a dream come true because this was meant to happen with this one.” The two of them have worked so well together that it is only fitting that they won. Congrats Meryl & Maks!

Well, that’s for all for now. I’ll see you in September for the next round of Dancing With the Stars!

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