Dancing With the Stars Results – Elimination Prediction

Dancing With the Stars Results

Another couple will depart the ballroom tonight, but will it be someone from the bottom or the top of the leader-board?  Let’s re-examine the Dancing With the Stars playing field.  So far America has voted correctly and sent the weakest dancers home, as it should be, but there are times when other factors can sneak in to foil the results.  Need I mention—shudder—Bristol Palin?  Too late, I already did.  Now that our nerves are raw, let’s take a look at that lesson:  sometimes great dancers can be eliminated while charismatic underdogs remain.  Did I just say Bristol Palin is charismatic?

So what are the odds of another dread Palin emerging from the ranks of this season.  So far none of the top scoring groups have made it to the bottom two.  None. However, every week that passes leaves behind a group of fans looking for someone new to vote for, and when you look at how long D.L stuck around, and how long Andy is sticking around, it’s possible the underdogs are accreting some of those votes.  If there is a hidden Palin in this season of Dancing With the Stars, odds are they would be revealed tonight.

Who the bottom three should be

Strictly in term of last nights scores, the bottom three should be Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess (18), Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold (18), and Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd (21).  Andy and Victor are no surprise, they’ve been glued to the floor all season long.  Sean isn’t necessarily a surprise either, however the freshness of his Bachelor run is probably feeding him a substantial number of fan-girl votes.

Who the bottom Probably will be

Andy and Victor are a lock, and honestly I would bet money that Victor punches his ticket tonight and goes home, so whoever winds up in the third position isn’t really in all that much danger.  Tracking trends though, expect to see Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson in the bottom three.  Ingo did bring his scores up this week so I could be dead wrong, but in any case it doesn’t matter because Victor and Andy are definitely the next two to be eliminated.  Unfortunately not at the same time.

The Wild, Wild, Wild Card

What if… if there were a shock elimination, or even a shock addition to the bottom three, who would it be and why?  Easy:  Zendaya and Val Chmerkovskiy.  Speaking strictly from a statistical level, Zendaya coming in as a Disney kid has the narrowest niche of appeal.  Just look at the demographics for Dancing With the Stars sometimes, it’s not exactly dripping with the Disney audience.  This is not to say that DWTS viewers only vote for people their own age, it’s just that despite her great scores she is not as recognizable as her competitors.  If you think I’m crazy, consider the case of Sabrina Bryan.  She made it about as far as Zendaya both times she was up, including her scores, and was shockingly eliminated.

The Bottom Line

Victor Ortiz seems a lock for elimination tonight, and Andy Dick will soon join him.  With the show running out of weak dancers you’re going to see someone unexpected in the bottom three sooner than later, and I say it will be Zendaya.  Disagree with me in the comments.

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