Dancing with the Stars Season 14 Cast Rumors: Who Has Been Asked?

karina smirnoff tim tebowWhile we await the big Dancing with the Stars Season 14 cast announcement on February 28, it’s always fun to speculate who will appear on the show. Having suffered a bit of a ratings decline last season, the show is really moving to bring bigger and better celebrities on board. And even though we don’t have any confirmed signings for the new season, we do know who has been asked:

Kylie and Kendall Jenner: So hot to have another Kardashian family member on the show, the producers would take either one of these girls. I’m tempted to think their parents would turn this down though, since it would mean pulling them out of school. But we also know Bruce and Kris Jenner were asked first.

Taylor Armstrong: Sources say this Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star has been asked, and it never hurts to have reality stars appear. Taylor, however, may want to be lying low in the face of recent death threats that must be giving her a good scare.

kylie kendall jennerJWoww: Again, never hurts to have reality crossover. Following Mike ‘The Situaton’Sorrentino’s stint in Season 11, and Snooki’s refusal of appearing on Season 13, the producers are still chasing Jersey Shore cast members. No word on whether JWoww will trade her spiked heels and beach flip flops for dancing shoes.

Regis Philbin: Yep, producers are still chasing Regis, feeling his lovability factor will help bring in the ratings, especially among the older folks. Not sure that ol’Reege is up to this, but he has certainly been asked.

Dolly Parton: Big celebrity fish and yes, producers have been trying to get her for years, but she adamantly refuses to do the show.

And what would Dancing with the Stars be without a bona fide athlete? A couple of very high profile ones are buzzing around the show’s list this season, or at least should be:

Victor Cruz: How could the show NOT ask this NFL football star, what with his spicy salsa dancing in the end zone? We’ll just have to settle for his touch down dancing, because he claims to have turned down the offer.

victor cruz salsa dancingTim Tebow: We don’t know for certain if the show has extended the offer, but we do know that Dancing with the Stars pro dancer Karina Smirnoff has made a very public plea to dance with this very handsome Broncos quarterback. His popularity this season has not escaped the producers’ interest.

Sherri Shepherd: The token ABC employee and it makes sense. It seems Dancing with the Stars is now a magnet for female celebs who are inspired by Kirstie Alley’s weight loss.

The Republican Party has of course, been extended their share of invites. So far Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain have been approached, as will any other candidates who drop out of the race for the party’s nomination. Some other notables who are rumored to be courted by the show are Paula Deen, Stevie Wonder, Pee-wee Herman and Perez Hilton.

Can’t wait until Good Morning America’s big cast reveal on February 28? Here’s a helpful hint: keep your eye on the Dancing with the Stars pros’Twitter follower/ following lists for recent ‘celebrity’adds ;).

  • Sandra Fox

    Your dancers are stars in their own field. They are fantastic. Why can't you have regular people,like the one's that watch your show,dance with your stars. I have heard many people talk about this. I think it would be great for your show.

    • Lisa

      Because it's called Dancing with the STARS!
      altho, I agree this would be a good idea, for a diff show.

    • http://www.countryrounddancer.bugs.com Mike

      still would like to see rachael ray,looks season 14 not like able to me.I am a ballroom/round dancer since the early 80's and would like to see the show called 'DANCING BALLROOM WITH THE STARS' INSTEAD.
      I want to see strictly more ballroom dancing and less starting from the stage and start the dance on the floor like its suppose to be.watch championship and regular ballroom like on channel 28 ,50? I think .PBS channels.
      Thank you for reading this.Mike from riverside,ca. still round dancing in my heart.
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  • Janet McHenry

    You should have Beth Chapman on DWTS. How do you pick the ones that will be on DWTS?

  • Spencer Herley

    I cant wait to find out who the new dancer's will be ill watch the good morning America on February28th to find out I excited thar Edyta, Dmirty, Louis Juilianan, are coming back.

    • The_Lucky_Wife

      That's great news about Edyta, Dmirty, Louis & Julianne.

    • John Walker


  • lynette

    I thought this was suppose to be Dancing w/the Stars. I see NO stars in this proposed lineup.

    • The_Lucky_Wife

      Dolly Parton and Stevie Wonder are stars, but Dolly has said "no." I don't mind the others, except I don't get this fetish for gop politicians.

  • Ernesto

    How can you not have Barry from Storage Wars?

    • http://twitter.com/YolandaAnne305 @YolandaAnne305

      Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Barry would be so suave!

  • Andrew

    No thank you to Perez Hilton or anyone from the Republican Party.

  • Dan

    How about tawny kitaen?? She’s a video vixen from the eighties, she’s a recovery success story and she looks hot again!!! She’s one of those people everyone wants to watch!!!

  • CSP

    None of the possible lineup sounds interesting to me…at this point…I won't be watching the new season!
    NO MORE KARDASHIANS…PLEEEEESE! They are ALL boring, no nothing people…not celebrities!
    Jersey Shore people…they're in the same category as the Kardashians! COME ON NOW ABC…get your act together! Wonder why your ratings drop…that's why! Maybe ABC should retire the whole DWTS show, since they can't find "REAL" celebrities that people want to watch! The hosts: Tom B. and Brooke B. should start job hunting!

    • The_Lucky_Wife

      It's looks like the pros are bigger stars than the "stars."

  • Chyna Rose

    That is a horrible lineup. Kardashians NOOOOOOOOO Boring. Tim Tebow give me a break wont watch it if he is on. He pathetic. I dont know any of the other ones except Stevie and Dolly. They asked people to give suggestions and I didnt see any of these on the lists. No wonder ratings are down. Bring back so you think you can dance.

  • clazzy

    chris isaac!

  • metallama

    didn't watch last year-too many freaks. What's with the Reality "stars"???-do sane people actually watch these silly shows? And stop with the old guys. I love the football players but then I am a huge NFL fan-ask Drew Brees.

  • Anonomious

    God help us if we see Michelle Bachmann.. Yes Minnesota is desprerate for a win, but not with this nitwit!

  • Writer

    What about Deborah Foreman? She still looks amazing and who couldn't get behind the original Valley Girl?!

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