Dancing With the Stars Spoilers! Cast Leaks! Departing Pros

Jon Lachonis February 25, 2013 0

12334091-largeThe official announcement of the Dancing with the Stars cast is just hours away—tomorrow morning on Good Morning America—but we have some casting scoop you need to hear right now.  You will not believe who is coming to Dancing with the Stars, but you’ll be even more surprised by who is not going to be there.  Trust me.  Spoilers ahead:

Two Pros Out

Chelsie Hightower cryptically informed TMZ in a street interview that she is out of Dancing With the Stars for the foreseeable future.  From the way everybody makes it sound it wasn’t exactly an amicable departure for the leggy blonde dance pro.   The only thing Chelsie revealed for the cameras is that leaving was “not by choice.”  She was, let’s say, diplomatic through most of the video so she is obviously not wanting to burn the bridge.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, one of Dancing with the Star’s most popular, if not the most popular, dance pro has left the series to pursue acting opportunities in film and television.  Have we ever actually seen Maks act before?  I’m not recalling that.  His loss will have a huge impact on the show since he was so popular on his own that anyone he partnered up with got an automatic boost.

Leaked Cast

So you can’t wait for the official cast list tomorrow?  We have a treat for you then.  Some of the new season cast has been leaked and we have the list right here:

Jacoby Jones

Superbowl Hero and Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones will be looking for some of that heat to prop him up on Dancing with the Stars as he trades the Grid Iron for the Ball Room.  NFL stars typically do well with the audience so he is definitely someone to watch.

Kellie Pickler

American Idol runner up Kellie Pickler puts down the microphone and laces up her dancing shoes.  Surprisingly, Pickler is the first American Idon contestant to appear on Dancing with the Stars. Kind of surprising when you think about it.  A polished performer, Pickler definitely has a shot at the Mirror Ball.

Wynonna Judd

Country and western star Wynonna Judd is a bit of a surprise for me.  Dancing With the Stars doesn’t seem like something she would have even remotely considered in her heyday.  Is she possibly looking to revive her career with a little dancing action now?   Regardless of her intentions,  Wynonna has legendary stage presence, if her dancing skills are to match she’ll be a force to reckon with.

Aly Raisman

Captain of the Gold Medal-winning US Women’s Gymnastics team, you could think of Aly Raisman as Shawn Johnson 2.0.   With her athletic background, there is no doubt she’ll be able to master complex dance moves quickly and might even prove a challenge for her partner.  Speaking of partners, may I suggest Derek Hough?

Sean Lowe

How well received this year’s Bachelor is on Dancing With the Stars may have a lot to do with how his own show wraps up.  All-Stars winner Melissa Rycroft migrated from The Bachelorette with great success, and Sean is certainly likeable enough to skate through on earnest effort and ample charisma, but break the wrong heart and look out.

Victor Ortiz

The latest ‘rumored’, and therefore ‘unconfirmed’, cast member is boxer Victor Ortiz who recently suffered a career stalling broken jaw.  Can he achieve the Mirror Ball while waiting for his glass jaw to mend?  We’ll find out.