Days of Our Lives: Andre Confronts Kate

Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us that Kate has been a naughty lady with her lips. She’s been kissing another man, and it’s time for Andre to open up to her about it. He’s going to confront her about it, and we don’t know how this might turn out. She might deny it. He might believe her. She might be honest about it, and he might believe her. He might not believe her. She might not know what he’s talking about. We don’t know. All we know is this will likely be very awkward and not well-received.

We also know that there will be a couple of happy couples going into this day. Paul and Sonny are celebrating their own engagement, and so are Abigail and Chad. She’s getting better, but she’s still in the hospital. She’s got a lot of issues to work out, and we think she might be able to work through them. We know her health is not great right now, but it’s getting better.

How long will she be in the hospital? We don’t know, but she’s better. There could always be complications. Dario could always show back up and try to take her or kill her or whatever. There’s always a chance something might go wrong for her. It’s just the kind of life she leads. It might not turn out well for her, but what are people going to do about that one?

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