Days of Our Lives: What Will This Baby News Do to JJ?

Days of Our Lives fans cannot help but feel heartbroken for JJ. He’s been through so much in the past few months, and he’s living with this insane amount of guilt and horror over all that’s happened since he shot Theo by mistake. Theo is now on his way to South Africa to have treatment and will be there for a year. Because of JJ’s actions, he is losing a year of his life with the woman he loves, with his family, and living his own life. That’s tough, and it almost cost him his own life when he contemplated killing himself around the holidays.

Now he’s in another situation that’s pulling him out of his darkness. He’s heard that Lani is pregnant by overhearing a conversation, and now he is sure he will be a dad. Why wouldn’t he be sure he is a dad? He and Lani are together, and it’s the only explanation. He has no idea that she cheated on him with Eli on Christmas Eve, and he is feeling emotional about being a father. He wants to be a good one.

This could kill him. Finding out that this baby is not his baby and that his girlfriend and partner cheated on him with a man she was seeing briefly a while ago is not going to go well for him – and it’s going to make everyone feel awful about so many things. We cannot help but feel this situation is going to end up bad.

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