Designated Survivor Review: One Shot to End or Save The Country

Designated Survivor

Since President Kirkman was sworn into office on Designated Survivor, there has been a ominous cloud of conspiracy over his the new administration. Kirkman himself is one of the most honorable Presidents you’ll ever find, fictional or not. Yet the people who made it possible for him to be in office won’t stop until they’ve completely taken over the country, which means removing Kirkman from the equation before he can ask questions. As for anyone who labels the dramatic twists and turns Designated Survivor has taken since its premiere, I will refer you to consult reality and see if you can find less absurdities.

With the country in the middle of a conspiracy, the White House does not have time to deal with other questions they can’t answer. That doesn’t stop Lisa from throwing gasoline on the fire in the middle of a press briefing by asking about the suspect in custody who killed Nazar. While President Kirkman may admire Lisa’s quest for the honest truth, no matter how much Seth respects his boss’s judgment he himself will never trust Lisa. If he had it his way he would probably take Lisa’s press badge in a second.

When Agent Wells fails to show up to the Committee meeting with proof of MacLeish’s treachery, Congresswoman Hookstraten has no choice but to reconvene the meeting and elect MacLeish Vice President. By the time Wells wakes up in her friend Chuck’s apartment (with a poorly cauterized wound from a technique straight out of YouTube), they have 8 hours to stop MacLeish from being sworn in. Since Wells left her classified files behind, the only lead she has is to look for her anonymous source.

In the meantime Kirkman has to start from scratch on the conspiracy. He calls in the architect who designed the plan for the Capitol bombing as a defensive move for the DOD. The one name that stands out who had access to the plans is Harris Cochrane, the Attorney General President Kirkman fired. The problem is that Cochrane never got the chance to see the file because the Secretary of Defense ripped it out of his hands before he could see it. That means the orders to do so came from inside the White House, and there are a limited number of people from the previous administration who are still alive. Thus Kirkman asks Emily to investigate those people, including Aaron. This is deeply troubling to her since she and Aaron have gotten so close lately.

Emily finds out that the person who made the call on the file was then Chief of Staff Charles Langden. This doesn’t make sense since Landen died on the Capitol bombing. Or did he? No sooner does Emily link Langden’s name to the file than Wells finds Langden very much alive and in hiding. He doesn’t get the chance to explain before Wells ends up in a shootout with one of the terrorists. As the FBI and local authorities hunt her down, Wells figures out that the man she took out was on his way to a building adjacent the Capitol. It’s no coincidence the building is in perfect sight of where MacLeish will be sworn in as Vice President. Though Kirkman would rather not go through with the ceremony, he can’t stop such an event based on circumstantial evidence. Emily finds out too late that it was Aaron, not Langden, who ordered the files be taken.

Before anyone gets the idea that MacLeish is the most dangerous power player to hit Washington, D.C., let’s take into account his Lady Macbeth. Yes, Mrs. MacLeish is beaming with pride that the couple’s “friends” entrusted them to do a great service for their country. Of course it’s not her husband who’s in danger of being taken out by a sniper. Though there is no doubt the President was the intended target, Wells’s last minute interference means that he may not have been the one hit.

Will the honorable President Kirkman survive to save the country from terrorists? Will Agent Wells be able to warn Kirkman and those he trusts before it is too late?

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