Desperate Housewives: You Take For Granted Sneak Peeks

Andrea Towers March 11, 2012 0

There are only a handful of episodes left before the Desperate Housewives series finale, and as the clock ticks closer to May, we can only imagine what surprises are in store.

When we last left our Desperate Housewives ladies, Bree had figured out the truth about Orson and his involvement in the revenge plan he had concocted in order to win back her heart. And although his actions had failed, the creepy look Orson exhibited at the end of the episode when he dropped off a letter to the Fairview Police hinted that there just might be more to come for Bree before the end of the season. Has Bree set herself up for more trouble than she bargained for by telling Orson off? Meanwhile, Susan and Lynette came to blows concerning the “correct” parenting for Parker and Julie’s baby, as both wanted to be the most involved parent. Mrs. McCluskey admitted to Roy and Gabrielle about her terminal cancer, and Carlos finally returned home from rehab.

In tonight’s episode, Ben’s loan shark resurfaces with a dangerous mission, which causes Susan to urge Mike to go to the police. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is concerned over Carlos’ strange behavior at work, and Tom’s girlfriend Jane is the bearer of some interesting news during Penny’s birthday party.

Last week’s recap can be found here. Check out the sneak peeks below for tonight’s all new episode of Desperate Housewives, airing tonight at 9:00pm ET on ABC.