Michael C. Hall Hasn’t Ruled Out Playing Dexter Again

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I think everyone, from fans to the cast themselves, wishes that they could have a do-over for the final season(s) of Dexter. Almost no one believes the show ended well, and it’s universally viewed as having a slow and steady decline the last three seasons before ultimately bottoming out in the finale.

Even Michael C. Hall seems wistful about the fate of his famed character, speaking to IGN.

“Sometimes I wish he’d offed himself, wish he’d died, wish Deb had shot him in that train compartment — of course, that would have made an eighth season difficult to do.”

But what about a ninth season? There have been rumors that Showtime physically forbid the show from killing Dexter, lest he live on in a movie or spin-off series (which really wouldn’t be a spin-off if it starred Dexter himself). Hall says that though he has no immediate plans to play Dexter, he’s not entirely opposed to the idea in the future.

“It’s very difficult for me to imagine someone coming up with something that is compelling enough for that to be worth doing,” Hall said. “I certainly have no interest right now in playing Dexter. You know, some time passes and somebody has some newly imagined landscape for him that I feel is worth exploring, I would perhaps consider it. Beyond that vague notion, I really can’t say, and it’s not something I have any immediate plans to do. He is still alive, but for right now, I’m leaving him in the cabin.”

What do you think? Should Dexter return to try and find redemption?

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