BBC TV Chief Hopes There Will Be a Female Doctor Who Someday

Doctor Who Series 8

Could the next Doctor be a Clara or a Rose?

Reporting from the annual Edinburgh TV Festival, The Hollywood Reporter gathered some quotes from the BBC’s TV chief, Danny Cohen, and one of the most interesting soundbites that he offered was his opinion about the possibility of a female actress landing the leading role on Doctor Who.

“I hope so,” Cohen said, expressing his desire to see a female time lord.

Unfortunately, Cohen didn’t express just how soon we could possibly see a female Doctor and provided no real specifics on a time table for when this could happen on the cult sci-fi series, which returns for a new season this weekend with actor Peter Capaldi now in the titular role.

This will be Capaldi’s first season ever of Doctor Who, while it will be the last for the actress who plays his sidekick. Jenna Coleman, who stars as the Doctor’s current companion, Clara Oswald, will be leaving the series after a major Christmas storyline at the end of this year.

In addition to his comments concerning Doctor Who, Cohen also discussed the price of U.K. productions versus shows from the United States. He specifically referenced Netflix in his comparison.

“For the price of two [seasons] of House of Cards, we made 14 drama series for BBC One and BBC Two,” he said. “What we do with our money is extraordinary.”

Cohen also fired back at those who say that the United States is experiencing a “golden age” of television that British programs cannot currently compare to.

“When you go to America, they tell you how extraordinary British drama is,” Cohen said. “Often here you’re told: “Why aren’t you doing drama like the Americans?” It can get irritating. But it’s not about whether one is better than the other.”

For U.S. audiences, the eighth season of Doctor Who returns to BBC America this Saturday, August 23rd, at 8 pm.

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