Doctor Who Got The Best Ratings in U.K on Christmas Day

Remy Carreiro December 27, 2013 0


I can’t help but feel like Doctor Who is one of the few shows that deserves the hype it gets. If for nothing else, than just based on how long it has existed. On top of that, it has a fevered fan base who helps bring the show the attention it gets. Good news for fans of this spectacular sci-fi show, as Doctor Who  got the best ratings in U.K on Christmas day, like it deserves. Seems like a pretty good Christmas gift to give the good doctor.

As many of you know, the Christmas episode was Matt Smith’s final episode as the Doctor, and for that reason alone, it brought in massive ratings. 8. 29 million people tuned in to ensure Doctor Who got the best ratings on Christmas. But it is bittersweet, as we bid farewell to a definite fan favorite Doctor Who. But we must remember, every time they change Doctors on us, we are hesitant at first. But get us by the end of the new Doctor’s run, and we are his biggest fan. That is just part of being a Doctor Who fan. Loyalty to the old Doctor until the new Doctor proves themselves. The Doc himself would have it no other way. Being a time lord is pretty serious business, after all.

Thanks to Deadline Hollywood for the info.

[Photo via Oli Scarff/Getty]