Doctor Who Photos: Episode 6.09 "Night Terrors"

Jon Lachonis August 29, 2011 0

Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who is titled “Night Terrors.” Penned by regular writer Mark Gatiss (“Victory of the Daleks,” Sherlock), the episode will feature Rory, Amy, and the Doctor being menaced by sentient dolls.

While I’m wary about this episode given Gatiss’ previous episodes, the promotional photos being released for the episode at least give it what seems like a fantastic atmosphere. The dolls look sufficiently scary without being silly. We also get a look at Danny Mays in his role as Alex, along with Alex’s son George (Jaime Oram).

“Night Terrors” airs Saturday, September 3, on BBC1 in the UK and BBC America in the US. You’ll be able to read TVOvermind’s review of that episode the following day.