Doctor Who Premieres Season 8 With Fans in New York City

Doctor Who  Premiere 2

The Doctor was in last night in New York City, as the show’s incredibly passionate fans lined up in front of the Ziegfled Theater to get a chance meet and talk with the cast of Doctor Who before heading into the theater for an exclusive premiere of the first episode of the sci-fi series eighth season.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, along with the series stars, Jenna Coleman and new Doctor Peter Capaldi, were in attendance for the NYC event. Doctor Who villain Cyberman also showed up. Capaldi, who is taking over the role of The Doctor from fan favorite Matt Smith, who had starred as the titular character for the past three seasons of the show, was eager to talk with and take photos with fans before the screening began and expressed his excitement about taking on the iconic role.

“Once I became the Doctor, I invited Matt [Smith] to lunch to discuss the role and he arrived on crutches,” Capaldi said, relaying a funny story to reporters. “I said, ‘What happened to you?’ and he said, ‘The show, mate. Matt Smith and David Tennant have both been very kind and helpful to me. I often talk to them and text them and ask for advice. It’s a very small club, we talk about stuff that only doctors can talk about.”

When asked about what his incarnation of The Doctor will be like, Capaldi said, “My Doctor is a little more dapper, a little more alien, a little less user-friendly, but he’s a very enthusiastic and passionate person about the universe.”

Coleman, who co-stars as Clara Oswald, also shared her thoughts about the dynamic between the new Doctor and Clara.

“We have some hilarious arguments,” Coleman said. “We are like a bickery, old married couple who adore the bones of each other, yet also can’t stand each other and really disagree at the same time.”

The screening, which sold all 900 tickets that were released to the general public in less than one minute, was followed by a fan discussion with Capaldi, Coleman, and Moffat, which was hosted by self-proclaimed Doctor Who mega-fan Chris Hardwick. The entire event was a part of the first-ever Doctor Who world tour, which began in Wales, before hitting New York last night. The remaining stops on the tour include London, Seoul, Sydney, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro.

Doctor Who returns to BBC America for its eighth season on August 23 at 8 pm.

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