The Doctor Returns With New Season Eight Teaser Trailer


by Douglas Hufnagel

The Doctor, now played by Peter Capaldi, is returning with a new season of Doctor Who August 23. I am tremendously excited, as the new Doctor has so far been billed as a much darker figure with new purpose, drive, and even a bit of ruthlessness that other portrayals of the iconic character have shown but shied away from embracing. It seems to me a much darker and potentially more adult show, something that I have hoped for as the Doctor has been shown in the new series to be an increasingly capable warrior (especially in John Hurt’s take on the character), though of course I won’t doubt for a second that there is a great deal of silliness and comedy inserted into the series. In fact, not doing so would likely break the balance of the show and create a very different science fiction experience than traditional Doctor Who episodes. The teaser trailer focuses on the drama of the characters without showing anything that could likely be construed as a true clip from the show.

In any event, I am excited for the show’s return (especially as I finally have access to BBC America again). The Doctor has one of the most dedicated fandoms in the world, and has been a hit character for now over fifty years.  Think about that. Nearly twice as long as the Simpsons’ seemingly eternal run. Doctor Who has thrilled me over the years, especially as it has refused to embrace dystopian science fiction, which I find in too many science fiction shows for my personal taste. Being able to look into the future and seeing good and bad is refreshing, and seeing it all through the eyes of such a charming and constantly changing character has made it even better. All else I can say is that Moffat had better not take this long for the next season. Finally, here is the link to the teaser.

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