Doctor Who Slide-Show: Who’s Your Favorite Companion?

My love for Doctor Who is a pretty recent one, compared to a lot of fans out there. The show had been on my “catch up on during the hiatus” list for a couple of years before I finally had time to sit down and do a marathon. It was right around the time that LOST had ended and I was feeling – no pun intended, I swear – completely lost without my favorite show.

So I thought I should finally give it a chance last July and, boy, I had no idea just what I was getting myself into. I admit that it wasn’t love at first sight. I struggled with the first few episodes, but once the show finally found its stride, I was hooked. Time traveling with an incredibly intelligent 900-year-old alien? I couldn’t possibly ask for more.

There was something, however, that bugged me after season 2. While the regeneration of the 9th Doctor didn’t bother me so much (I was upset, of course, but ended up falling in love with David Tennant’s 10th Doctor the second he first appeared on my screen), I was really depressed when Rose left. She had been my constant for two whole seasons and I absolutely loved her.

During seasons 3 and 4 I just couldn’t get into any of the other companions, so my focus remained with my favorite Doctor and I just couldn’t wait to see Rose again (because I already knew she would be back for a guest appearance in season 4).

Then Tennant left and I was devastated. I really didn’t like Matt Smith at first because I felt like no one could ever portray the Doctor better than Tennant had. If I didn’t even like the Doctor, I really couldn’t make myself like his new companions. I started watching season 5 out of habit and it was a long time until Matt Smith finally started growing on me.

Now that we are halfway through season 6, I stand corrected. Smith is my new favorite Doctor and Amy and Rory – who I couldn’t stand in the beginning of season 5 – and River Song are my new favorite companions.

Sorry, Rose Tyler.

So check out the Doctor’s Companions gallery below and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments. Did you change favorites like I did or are you a one and done kind of fan?

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  • Quinton Kyle hoover

    Sorr,y I just really wanted to answer

    Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

  • Melissa

    I really liked Rose Tyler and loved the relationship with the Doctor, but my favorite companion was Donna Noble. They were just best friends having a wonderful adventure and having her lose all memory of her time was terrible.

    With that said, Matt Smith is finally growing on me, but I don't think he will top David Tennant. I do like Amy and her character kept me coming back, allowing Matt Smith's Doctor the chance to grow on me.

  • John Brady

    Get rid of Rory!

  • thingy

    agreed the Brigadier was the best. Out of the new ones I actually really liked Martha though, very interesting and cool. Donna Noble on the otherhnd was the worst companion ever to me I basically stopped watching the series when it was just her and tennant.

  • River Pond

    River song and Captain Jack Harkness, i can't decide.

  • soccergirl3097

    I think Rose was a good companion and how she loved the Doctor so much.It waas SO emotional for me when she 'died' in season 2…but I think Donna is my favorite.Martha was good but I like Donna becuz she was so funny w/the Doctor.Nothing was emotional w/Donna except when she lost her memory near the end of that season.I also kind of like Amy and Rory becuz becuz I think they make a cute couple and Rory will do anything and always be there for Amy.But I tihnk Donna tops it off for me. :)Thanks for posting this about the companions and all :)

  • yankviewer

    What always bothers me about Rose is how she just up and didn't care about her old bf anymore bc she'd rather be with an alien who will never age or necessarily die that she has absolutely NO future with. I mean, I get why she'd want to travel with the doctor- and depending on who he's played by- why she'd even have a crush on him. But truly in love with him? it's just plain stupid and fruitless. and he explained it to her time and again and she never would listen. and would just get all weepy and cry about it. just like when she got stuck in the alternate universe. or when she came back with all the others for Tennant's last ep- she got all weepy that he'd moved on when… THAT IT WAS THE DOCTOR DOES. Donna, Martha, and Amy all seem to get that.

  • Casey

    Rose was incredibly Whiny. She was alright in her guest appearance in Season 4, but throughout her two seasons I couldn't stand her. I liked Martha; her character was refreshing as compared to Rose's, and at least she could realize she would never be able to have a relationship with the Doctor. I absolutely loved Donna because it was nice to have a companion who would just be friends with The Doctor (he needed a friend who wasn't going to fall for him after the last two)and I was heartbroken when her memory was erased. Anyway, my favorite companions are the current ones (including River Song!). And though quite a few people dislike Rory, I think he's awesome, and I love what he brings to the show.

    David Tennant's still my favorite Doctor, but I'm liking Matt Smith a lot. It's hard to compare because how much technology has advanced and the quality of plot lines and whatnot differ with each Doctor.

  • rebecca

    Rose was a bit overrated in my opinion. Her character was so annoying and selfish when it came to the Doctor, namely 10, which was apparent in Season 2 The School Reunion, when she met Sarah Jane for the first time and was instantly vicious to her. Martha I liked a lot better (and I can respect her a bit more for having the strength to do what Rose couldn't – walk away from the Doctor and life on the TARDIS). I absolutely adored Donna, who was witty, brilliant, and possibly the only human who could really put the Doctor in his place.

    All in all, Donna was my favorite companion – but I'm really loving Rory in the new season as well;)

  • Lisa

    I really loved Rose Tyler because she realized how lonely the Doctor was and in a way she was lonely too. She didn't really start living life until she met the Doctor. She did willingly accept the possibility that the Doctor could get herself killed. I think that makes her so good and when she sacrificed herself in "Doomsday." That was the day the Doctor started to care more about her. She was the most dedicated companion of the Doctor.

    Martha (Freema) did a good job of being the companion but didn't really have a spark. Her role in "Human nature" was good though. Yet, Martha never understood the Doctor on a personal level.

    Donna Noble was hilarious. Donna and The Doctor had a great bond of a love hate friendship. She had common sense, hence, why she and the Doctor remained friends. She saw into his soul like Rose.

  • Tom

    My favourite would have to be Wilfred because even though he killed (accidently) my favourite Doctor (Tennant) he really was a caring man who was open minded and always did the best for Donna. He also dedicated his life (after season 4) like many others, to finding the Doctor. As for my 2nd favourite it's a toss up between Mickey and Donna.

  • Jasmine

    I’m a big fan of Doctor Who and his companions as well, both in New Who and Classic Who. I love all the characters. But to be honest, I feel like there are a lot of unjustified judgments about Rose.
    Rose Tyler is by far my favorite, not because of her relationship with the Doctor or that she’s pretty or any of that nonsense. She is an average woman in a shop who is constantly reminded by her mother and her friends that she will never amount to much more than that. But when the Doctor enters her life, she sees that she can do so much more, and that grades and degrees don’t necessarily mean success and happiness in life (we’re talking about a woman who gave up her A-levels to be with a boy who eventually dumped her in the end, and she ends up saving the world because she got the bronze in gymnastics). She’s curious and does have intelligence. Yes, she gets herself into trouble, but there’s no situation she can’t handle. And maybe leaving Mickey and her mother in the way that she did wasn’t the nicest, but her relationship with them was only holding her back. Mickey loved her, but it never went past more than just friends with a physical relationship (he even directs her to get into the bedroom during “Rose”). Her relationship with Mickey wasn’t healthy, and the same goes for her and Jackie. By traveling with the Doctor as her friend, she sees new worlds and learns new morals that add to her humanity. She literally becomes a better person, and learns to treat people better. She may get jealous of women like Martha and Sarah Jane, but it’s not long before she accepts them as the Doctor’s friends and thus hers. Rose is the Doctor’s most human and lovable companion, all Doctor romance set aside, and people shouldn’t be as quick to judge her as she used to be.