Michael Jackson Was (No Joke) Almost Dr. Who

michael-jakcson-DR WHO

You ever hear news that terrifying you so much you think that there is no way it can be real? That is EXACTLY how we feel about THIS news. But we need to share it with you anyway. Michael Jackson, as in THAT Michael Jackson, was almost cast to play Dr. Who at one point. Don’t worry, we are as shocked and terrified by the idea as you are.

It was 1988, and Michael Jackson had just wrapped up recording his elaborate space opera Moonwalker. Someone seeing that spectacle, and being responsible for casting the new Dr. Who movie they were looking to make, some idiot decided Michael Jackson would be PERFECT as the new doctor, and would also be able to use his image and fame to bring in a whole new slew of fans to the amazing BBC show. Hell, during the time, they were also talking about Bill Cosby playing the doctor in one of the seasons.

So, to sum this up:

Both Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby were both going to be Doctor Who at some point. Michael in a movie, and Cosby in a show. While we can’t get into the Michael Jackson idea, we could totally see Bill Cosby working as the doctor. HE was charming at times, funny at times, intense at times, and all those things make a great Doctor Who. So why it never fanned out we will ever know.

But regarding Michael Jackson, the thought of him having ever been the doctor just does not sit well with me. First off all, he sorta seems scared to get his hands dirty. Seems like he would have been grabbing at his crotch a lot. He would have tried to bargain with the Daleks, or maybe dance at one of their birthday parties or something, and honestly, that just does not scream “Doctor Who” to me.

So whomever was brave enough to squash the idea, thank you. You mighta ruined the whole WHO vibe if you let that creepy fellow wear that name.

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