Someone Made, and Crashed, a Flying TARDIS

Paul December 30, 2013 0

You’d have to be a pretty avid Doctor Who fan to spend hours and hours building a TARDIS that could actually fly. The famed police box is constantly spinning through the air on the show, yet never manages to end up with a scratch despite being exposed to every threat known to man (and known to aliens as well, I suppose).

The video above shows the guys at who created their own flying TARDIS powered by a multitude of tiny helicopter blades. The clip is short and sweet, and shows the awesomeness of the device in flight, and the horror as it crashes down to earth again. Don’t worry, no one was inside, immortal Time Lord or otherwise.

Someday, someone will build one of these that can actually carry people around, and I will be here to post that video. Hopefully it doesn’t end the same way.