Dracula 1.10 Review: “Let There Be Light”


During last week’s episode of Dracula, Browning had promised us a catastrophe. They most certainly delivered and it made for incredible viewing.

It was finally time for the moment that Grayson had been waiting for. The moment of Grayson’s big demonstration was, at last, well within his reach. Everything he and Van Helsing planned for was finally happening. If only it was that simple. Order of the Dragon lackeys had tampered with the machine to make sure it blew up – Harker just assumed that it was to make sure the machine did not work. Harker was naïve to think that the plans would not have devastating consequences. After all, Grayson would have come back bigger and better than before. The Order needed to do something that would stop any plans. Grayson knew something was coming, his vampiric senses felt the deaths of those he had turned as the Order began to retaliate.

Harker, riddled with guilt with what he had done, managed to get Mina away to safety but unfortunately many characters lost their lives. No major character died at the demonstration, but it did not mean they were safe.

As a vampire hunter Lady Jayne is constantly putting her life on the line and after weeks of denial she finally has the confirmation she had feared, Grayson is Dracula. She immediately goes to fix this mistake but leads to her demise. Even the fancy knife she was given by the seer had no effect, surely she would have known that someone as powerful as Dracula would not be so easy to kill. She begged him not to turn her into the vampire and as they did spend half of the season sleeping together, Dracula obliged.

Bravo to Van Helsing to finally becoming awesome. It only took ten episodes… His plan to kill Browning was genius. Lady Jayne chastised him in the previous episode not to let his heart get in the way but of course, he succumbs to seek out his children to save them and in the end, they are what kill him. Van Helsing has turned them into vampires, using Dracula’s blood. They then feed on him, how lovely. Van Helsing walks away from the house and sets the house on fire. That is one way of getting revenge I suppose.

Van Helsing’s rampage also meant murdering Renfield. Van Helsing had not turned up to the demonstration and Grayson is worried. He asks Renfield to find out what he is up to and Van Helsing ends up stabbing him, leaving him helpless. What a disappointment. One hopes that he is somehow saved, perhaps if Grayson was not so occupied with Mina he would have gone looking for Renfield? Or perhaps Renfield had some blood on his pocket? He would make an amazing vampire. He was brilliant and did not deserve to die, especially in such a displeasing way.

The war between the Order and Dracula leaves no winners. The Order bigwigs have been slaughtered and have failed with their attempts to destroy Dracula. It was not a total loss however, as the Order managed to blow up the resonator and Grayson’s plan was ruined. The discovery that Harker has betrayed him did not help Grayson either. He should have seen it coming though. There is only so much you can push someone until they turn against you. That being said, Dracula did live and gets the girl. One doubts he would have that many complaints.

A ironic moment in the rubble outside the explosion, Mina screams at Harker that he’s a murderer who slaughtered people. Not long after she goes looking for Grayson and kisses him, not realising exactly what he is capable of.  She knows Grayson is not a good person but because she is ‘drawn’ to him, she is unable to stay away. Will she stick around once she finds out what he is?

As Jayne confronts Dracula in the ruins of the demonstration explosion, he comments that ‘You always knew who I was’. Is this the same from Mina? The heart is a wonderful thing, but how long will it provide Mina the denial of what is staring at her right in front of her? Lucy too is in a predicament, spending the episode trying not to feed on her mother but then succumbing to the temptation. It would be lovely to explore her further downfall if the series is renewed for a second season.

Following the heart provides no favours, look at Harker. He is reckless and easily led – his heart has let him down far too many times. The end of the episode gives us an exciting prospect and provides him a purpose, something that will assist him to rectifying his mistakes. Van Helsing is back on his hunt for vampires and asks Harker to assist him. Whilst this could be fantastic character building for Harker, he needs to be wary. The pilot episode showed Van Helsing killing his accomplice and feeding him to Dracula, as he no longer needed him. We know that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants and his next objective is to see Dracula dead.

It is not currently known if the series will be renewed. I hope that there will be, so we can find out the aftermath of the war and if the Order rise again. Will Harker make a worthy vampire hunter or remain a pawn? Is Renfield really dead? Fingers crossed for a second series.

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