Drop Dead Diva Renewed for Season 4

Shilo Adams September 22, 2011 81

Lifetime has announced that Drop Dead Diva, their hit Sunday night dramedy, will be returning for a fourth season. The show will be airing its next installment of 13 episodes in summer 2012.

Drop Dead Diva tells the story of shallow aspiring model Deb who gets into a fatal car accident. After being told that her existence was filled with zero good deeds (and zero bad deeds), she begs for another chance; only instead of returning to her body, she now inhabits a recently deceased plus-sized lawyer named Jane. Deb must now do some serious soul searching during her second stint on Earth, discovering who she is and how she wants to leave a positive mark this go-around, all the while trying to keep her true identity a secret.

The series stars Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, April Bowlby, and Jackson Hurst, and has featured guest appearances from the likes of Paula Abdul, Delta Burke, and Wanda Sykes in its first three seasons..

The third season finale of Drop Dead Diva, which features guest stars Bruce Davison and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, will air on Sunday, September 25th at 9:00.

How do you hope the finale concludes and sets up next season? Who do you hope the show gets to drop by in future episodes? What’s been your favorite case during season 3?

  • Marsh

    Love it!!! Can't wait for season 4

    • michelle

      I love this show, it's absolutely amazing. I'm so commited to this series, it's unbelievable. I can't wait unitl season 4, but I wish I didn't have to wait until summer of 2012 :( . LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  • Just me

    Oh my god, I have to wait will summer of 2012 for season 4? This season has been amazing, and wow what a way to end season 3. I dont think I've ever connected with a show the way I connected with DDD. It feels like I personally know all the characters – as though they aren't actors. It's just so amazing. My favorite case is the one that involved the clown who was grieving for his deceased wife. It was just a really touching episode. I really want to see the judge leave – the one Jane is dating. Jane should be with Grayson, not that annoying guy. But at least he's better than Tony, that guy was just a douche. Can't wait for season 4!!

    • jay jay

      The Judge sweet guy, Grayson is a shallow well used douche!!!!!!!!!! She better off without him.

      • theo

        I like the judge very much as well. I just don't like him much with Jane. Grayson isn't shallow. He loves Jane. He has for a long time. But unlike all the other girls he dated, Jane didn't throw herself at him. And if you remember the end of season two she ran out of the restaurant. He followed….

    • justme22

      I don't like the judge either!!!!!

  • xdepbbygirlx

    OMG I can't wait for season 4 to start. I can't believe Stacy told Grayson about Jane/Deb. I hope Grayson and Jane get together in season 4! Definitely wouldn't mind seeing Chad Michael Murray or Sophia Bush on DDD.

    • Ashbo55

      I think Stacy put it to him as in Jane was like his Deb, saying she is his soulmate. I don't think he knows the truth. But I really wish season 4 started sooner =[[

    • Guest

      Stacy did NOT tell Grayson. Listen to what she actually said. You are interpreting it wrong–which is what they want you to do, so you can get all giddy with excitement, only to realize next season that what she said was not at all what you think. She meant that Jane IS JUST LIKE Deb. Duh. She did NOT tell him that they are one and the same person.

      • Guest

        Sorry. I replied in the wrong spot.

  • Noname

    What an ending … can't wait for S4.

  • James G

    Love it Love it Love it cannot wait for season 4 hopefully they wont trick us and decide to cancel I love this show I watched all 3 seasons in 3 weeks…lol

    • Stone McKade

      I ended up watching all of season 3 within a 24 hour period. I love the show.

      • michelle

        I watched them quick too, actually I didn't know this existed until I watched it on netflix.

  • KISS Fanatic

    I could not believe Stacy told Greyson!!!! Also I hope Tony comes back. As for guest appearences… I say Paul Stanley should drop by and say that Jane needs to "Rock and Roll" in her new life!

  • Marty

    I love Drop Dead Diva !!!!! Can't wait until season 4 !!!!! My neighbor and I never miss an episode. It's the only show I watch on TV.Please don't cancel. I would like to see Jane and Grayson get together.

  • May

    Why would you want Grayson and Jane to get together. He only went after her cuz he now knows she is deb. So he's only going after the past. He won't love Jane, he will be loving 'Deb'. I think she should move on, and so should he. The judge is perfect cuz he loves HER not sone chick she was before being Jane.

    • Judith

      I totally agree with this. Usually I love the "destined soul mate" thing, but in this case, Grayson totally doesn't deserve Jane. She's really not Deb anymore. Can't wait for Season 4!

      • Winifred

        totally agree I love the judge lol they match perfectly. Grayson kind of gets on my nerves a bit about Debs.

      • gabby

        iknow right? it seemed like he was slowly realizing the amazing woman jane was and the ultimate romantic victory would be for him to love deb as jane….but if he only loves jane as deb it ruins the point of what everyone was hoping for…the whole point of the show, which is that a woman like jane can live out her dreams and be beautiful, successful and in love and that love conquers looks.

        • Jamie

          i totally think Jane is a beautiful woman!!! And I don't agree that Grayson didn't care for Jane until he knew that she was really Deb. He has showed on NUMEROUS episodes his feelings for her, But I think they confused and SCARED him!!!!!!!!! As for the Judge.. wow what a great actor. He brings a lot to the show and I am torn as to who I really want to win Jane in the end :/ I want Grayson to win, but it really touched me how the Judge dropped his dreams to persue Jane :) I guess we shall all have to wait n see.

      • Michelle

        I used to want Grayson and Jane to get together because she was still in love with him but not that he knows she's Jane I don't want it anymore. Plus I love her with the judge. He's a little out there but he likes Jane for Jane.

    • Hailey


  • Anna

    Yeah!! Now only if Tony would return…..

    • cin

      i hope Tony comes back…

  • Fallon

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 4!!! I couldn’t believe how season 3 ended and i was almost in tears!!!

  • arautt

    I want season 4 sooo badly.I hope grayson adn deb(jane)get back together they just have to i almost cried when they didn't in seaosn 3

  • amanda

    I love this show I download all 3 season on itunes I watch it over n over…..can’t wait for season 4 love the cast members also. Please keep this show going its my number one favorite.

  • Rhys

    Summer 2012? H3LL NO! I am a huge fan od seeing Debb/Jane with Grayson! Plzzzz, tell me he gets on the next flight! And that Fred still is in love with Stacey and they get married or atleast still are dating!

  • Pkjbddv

    I hope in season 4 Jane and he Judge come back married!!! Then Grayson knowing what he knows has to live his life wanting someone he can't have, just like "Deb" has had too!!

  • Darynthe

    I think they shouldn’t have signed a 4th season. The ending of season 3 was just perfect and if they mess with that, it can only ruin the whole series.

    I really like the judge, he must have been the male lead of this series, he is super intelligent, funny and knows what he wants. One great TV character, even if he has been around just three eps or so!!

    Greyson is dumb as a rock and is not attracted to Jane. She should really stop caring about him other than as a friend.

    • kOrtneemae14

      i agree with you on the first two points, but Grayson is dumb as a rock because he didnt see Jane as Deb. He saw Jane as Jane, and nobody else. We may think he is not attracted to Jane, but since he now knows that Jane is Deb, he now realises why Jane was such a good friend to him.

  • Tara**

    I totally think they should have a fourth season. I am addicted to the show lol it would break my heart if there wasn't another season!

    • shell

      I agree Tara, but thankfully they are going to make a 4th season. :)

  • Miriah

    I hope she ends up with Grayson. I can't believe the way the last episode of season 3 ended! I almost cried!! It's such and amazing show!!

  • Tracy

    R u kidding? summer really? Thats not fair

  • tpm1994

    i have been stuck in my room grounded during this thanksgiving weekend and sunday night i started season 1 episode 1…today is wednesday and i just finished season 3 episode 13…i racked up every single episode within a few days because i couldnt get enough of it…and now that it is over i have nothing left to do for the rest of my grounding..ohhh how i wish season 4was already out. : /

  • kOrtneemae14

    CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 4 !!! but i can not believe that Stacy was the one that told Grayson !!! The drama ! Im glad that Jane/ Deb has fallen in love with Owen, but I bet that once they go to Italia, that Grayson is going to be there waiting for Jane/Deb. SINCE there in Italy for season 4 (can not wait !!!) I reckon Jane/Deb should like literally bump into like a fashionista ! wouldn't that be awesome ! OH, an I feel soooo sad for Freddy ! If only Jane knew that Stacey stopped kissing Grayson, then Freddy would actually go through with proposing to Stacey. But, if Jane didn't see that she wouldn't be on a plane to Milan, Italy !!!
    Can't wait for season 4 !

  • Janie Magallan

    I really love this show. I love how Jane is funny, but at that the same time she's very smart & kind. She always love to reach out to others that are in need of help. I hope it never ends. All of the cast are great actors, but Brooke I see a sweet & kind person I hope that she just like I see her to be,

  • Missy

    Grayson does NOT deserve Jane! He only falls in love with/gets attracted to skinny cute girls (well … except for the o mean Kim … she's is not cute, just skinny). Jane and Owen are PERFECT together!!! I hope they get married!!!!

  • Emma

    oh ny god… How can ye just end it like that seriously.. Do u know how long iv been waitin for them to get together. In season 4 jane nd grayson better be together oh wat wil i do til it starts. Seriously tears in d eyes nw. :-(

  • Leah

    Adore DDD!!!! Soooo Thankful that there is a season4!!! Was a bit worried it was finito like Eliah Stone which I adored and the network cancelled!!! Roll on 2012, let’s hope we get it in the UK soon after the US, what a cliffhanger ending!!

  • Drop Dead Diva Fan

    I love love love Drop Dead Diva. What a perfect ending to Season 3! I had to space out the last 3 episodes because I was relishing in the last moments. I can't even wait for Season 4 to start! Oh, the possibilities!!

  • pedro

    yea cant wait for season 4 thought i was gona finiosh after season 3

  • Elle <3

    Oh my gosh, I'm not sure I can wait until summer 2012!! I really think the show is awesome and I definitely want a forth season! I hope Fred and Stacy get back together because they are really cute together and I think Stacy really loves him. Also, I hope Grayson goes after Jane because they would be good together, too. I don't have a problem with Owen, I just think Jane would have a better relationship with Grayson since that is what she's wanted for practically forever!!

    • lorraine

      No way! he is only going after her because he knows its deb otherwise he wouldnt She should totally stay with Owen who loves her for who she is now

  • Bruno

    I love Drop Dead Diva. I can´t wait to watch season 4. Unfortunately it´ll take a lot of time to come out! :( Jane rocks in Brazil

  • Britt

    cant wait, they need to do more advertising for the show to get more people into it. If this show gets canceled i will be very upset.
    I believe this show has helped so many people find them selfs, and see that making the right choice always counts, even if its the hardest thing you have done.

  • heart

    Stacey didnt tell that Deb and Jane are one person. She just said that Jane is your Deb, get that?

  • http://t.vovermind Amy

    She’s not going to go for Grayson because she loves Owen and the show will be around that.Fred should ditch Stacey’s slutty ass.And the show rocks.

  • Joxe

    I absolutely love this show. It's by far one of the best on TV. When I discovered it, I started with season 1 episode 1 and I got so addicted that I couldn't stop until I was done watching all 3 seasons. Looking forward to season 4 now!

  • DIVA fan

    Love the show. I will prefer that Jean and the Judge stay together. If Grayson wanted Jean he would have approched her a long time ago. He sees the woman in her that he wants yet engages in other relationships searching to the point of almost getting married to another woman and asking Jean to endure the pain of being his best-woman. Grayson want Deb and Jean might be the spirit that lives in Deb, but she has embrace so much of who and what she probably alway wanted to be that foing back to the woman that Grayson used to know will make for a complete mess. Fred and Stacy… Hum… Fred should pairred with a new love so that Stacy understand the value of a relationship. You now realize that you love Fred after the man you left him for hurt you… is Fred now the punching bag for the show. He need a new love… just saying… can't wait. If Jean and Grayson get together I may never watch this again.

    • jane and grayson ftw

      your a dumb ass her name is JANE not jean, some fan u are and besides there has always been a conection between JANE and Grayson he just was confused by it. if u stop watching if they get back together than good ridence to bad rubbish.

  • Nick

    The last episode of Season 3 was amazing :) I cannot wait to watch it next year, but it just can't come fast enough. This show is amazing and can be watched over and over again (as I've already done!)

  • Shawubble

    I can't believe that is how it ended. I can't wait til summer. I don't know what I want. I would love that they get together but only if Grayson loves her as Jane and not Deb. It would be a kick in the head if she and Fred got together. He knows the real Jane. Parker needs to find his family. Stacy and Fred make no sense to me,but everyone finds love in strange places.

  • Jacque

    I so don't want Jane and the Judge to hook up I really want to see the 1st guy she was with come back I loved him. I think that would make a great episode to make her choose him or Greyson. I have to agree with some of these people on how much they don't seem like actors thats why I can't get enough of this show because its so down to earth. Sucks we have to wait til Summer….I also think we should see mor of Fred I love him too just wish he wasn't always so needy with Stacey so much but I think they're also a good match. Can't wait to see whats coming :D

  • TJ

    Honestly, this show continues to go on because of the possibility of deb-jane getting together with grayson, but like that saying goes: going only halfway, gets you only halfway. I am a huge fan of this show and Brooke Elliott is hawt! Owen and deb-jane may be together but I know it probably won’t last. Look at Tony and the neurologist. Both ended lol. I don’t know enough actors/actresses to say who should go on the show, but maybe Ryan Reynolds or Kate Beckinsale? The episode I liked most was the guy mourning his wife and it was a difficult show.

  • TJ

    Honestly, this show continues to go on because of the possibility of deb-jane getting together with grayson, but like that saying goes: going only halfway, gets you only halfway. I am a huge fan of this show and Brooke Elliott is hawt! Owen and deb-jane may be together but I know it probably won’t last. Look at Tony and the neurologist. Both ended lol. I don’t know enough actors/actresses to say who should go on the show, but maybe Ryan Reynolds or Kate Beckinsale?

  • DDDiva new fan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE DDD! This show is like Ally McBeal, and Glee rolled into one AWESOME show! I love Rosie O'Donnell as a judge, and the way the characters are developing. Hope Kim and Parker get back together. Jane and Grayson definitely need to be together but need a few more seasons to get it right :-) Bringing Tony back would certainly throw a good twist in. I just finished watching first two seasons on Netflix and was very disappointed when I realized season three isn't on Netflix yet :(

  • imstormie2

    I want to see the judge and Jane together. They have a magical chemistry going.. I think that Stacy and Grayson , by some twist of fate, will end up together, sooner rather than later.

    • jane and grayson ftw

      dont agree

  • DDD #1 Fan

    Love Love Love DDD. I cannot wait till summer 2012 for season 4, especially how they ended the last episode. Like, I seriously can't beleive that Stacey told Grayson about Jeb.. but it's a good thing because hopefully now they can be together in season 4.

  • Leah

    omg i can't wait that long!! I like Jane's new bf but inside she's Deb so she belongs with Grayson!! and i hate that Jay has a kid…i think he and Kim are perfect and i kept waiting for them to tell each other they're in love with each other but they didn't :(( ddd is amazing ;)

  • Deceived81

    Jane deserves to be with someone who loves her for her, Grayson never seen her as relationship type until he found out she's his dead girlfriend in another body, after how many years? And she isn't that shallow girl that Deb was anymore, she's grown.

  • AlabamaGirl

    I don't understand why it can't run all year long like the other shows. And there need to be more than 13 episodes per year. What is the issue?

  • Skelley

    Love DDD! Can't wait for Season 4….June is too long to wait!

  • hagi tudose

    Jane and Grayson se potrivesc ca vaca cu baletul! (translate from Romanian) Love judge Owen, best guy ever for Jane!

  • http://dropdeaddiva Joyce

    drop dead diva is the best the best tv series they ever made they need to keep making series and and never stop jane is my favorite i love her

  • ddd is amazing

    I'm from Poland and once I saw one episode and I get fall in love in DDD, it' s great show, can't wait for season 4, people around the world are waiting! ;D

  • charlie

    thats some bs.com I gotta wait till the summer ?!?!?! ugh!

  • candie bennett

    LOVE Drop Dead Diva BUT I Hate that the show is adding KIM K – THIS IS JUST WRONG!!!! Haven't we seen
    way too much of her already??

  • Maxine

    I love every case in DDD. hard to choose one, maybe next season will be about Jane having freedom and having a taste of something different and ending up confused….then realising she should be with Grayson. I Hope Jane will end up with her true love Grayson. Also staying friends with owen, i think hes more a friend for Jane. it would be great to see Lady GaGa on DDD.

  • Alicia

    Seriously how did the 3rd season end? I was in the hospital and missed it. Been looking everywhere but can't find a thing to help me out.

    • grayson and jane ftw

      jane sees grayson and stacys misguided kiss so she goes to the airport to fly to italy owen invited her to go to new zealand with him but was turned down. stacy stops the kiss with grayson and says im not deb jane is. grayson trys calling a but jane ignores the calls. he gets to the airport and misses the flight, because demented owen changes flight to go with jane and fills the last seat on the plane, gosh i hate owen soo much and then it ends

  • Kay


  • Drop Dead Diva fan

    I love Drop Dead Diva and I looking forward to watch season 4 !! Everything related to justice passionates me… So hope the season 4 will be for soon and that it will continue in the way we all want it, Jane with Grayson, Stacy with Fred …

  • Cookie

    I have watched DDD since the show begin. I think they need to give Grayson and Jane a chance to find love. Find out if Grayson can love Jane for Jane and not because he thinks she is Deb. I think that would make for a very exciting romance and season as well. There is nothing better tha to see a show where the girl that isn't a size 5 gets the georgous guy for a change.

  • abi

    wow wat a show, wen im watching and i fall asleep i just wake up at once cos i feel im cheating myself for not paying attention, as for grayson too too bad for him, was he expecting jane to say " im deb " before he cud love her, jane shd forever stay wid judge owen, owen is just the perfect much and brings out jane' worth. i just love him

  • redpatterson

    Fantastic show.Cannot stop laughing.Great writers.However, if that Kim K. is going to be on I am done watching.Can`t stand her.

  • ruthie

    One of the best season enders! Makes waiting for season 4 such an agony. When stacey told grayson, i loved how it looked like, for a split second, things made so much more sense. I loved the airport scene, too. can't wait for season 4!

  • Lisa craig

    Love this show so much, me and my husband have spend every spare min rushing to the tv to see what happens next…, come on season 4 hurry up!!!