Duck Dynasty 5.03 Review “Life of Si”


Hello everyone! So glad to be back again with everyone’s favorite duck hunting family in a new episode of Duck Dynasty!

This episode was a lot of fun for one main reason- Si. Si is a fan-favorite character, and his quirky sayings and antics were at an all time high today, as he got the idea (from Jep, who DID accept blame) to make a movie about his life. Si then spent the rest of the day with a camera hanging down in front of his face (so you could see his reaction to stuff) and one on his chest (so you could see through the eyes of a shorter version of him). He was “part Robocop, part Six Million Dollar Man”, but he seemed to be the only one enjoying it.

Meanwhile (in a semi-weak, distracting sub-plot) Willie has scored LSU tickets due to another family’s misfortune (the flu). He seems excited to take John Luke and Sadie…who don’t seem nearly as excited as he is. Go Tigers!

After that, we revisit Si and his “documentary”. After we find out that Jep was a Golden Girls fan, and Si is from a “galaxy far far away”, Jase pretty much spend the rest of the segment with that incredulous, classic Jase, “you’ve gotta be kidding me” look. I can’t imagine seeing all of this stuff through his eyes. I’d be making that face too.

On the way to the LSU game, Willie takes a detour to avoid traffic and gets them lost. The only remotely funny part of this was John Luke making cracks about the GPS “recalculating”. I, too, wonder why it doesn’t use a more commonplace vernacular when speaking to its owners.

In the words of Michael Bolton, “now back to the good part”. Si has changed his mind about a documentary and is now creating an “epic war movie”. “Documentaries are boring”, Si opines, and I found very little argument on that particular subject. This show is the closest I ever get to watching them! Jep and Jase try to point out that they are deer hunting and they are not in an “epic war”, but Si shrugs them off and continues to narrate his every move.

Willie’s detour- still not going well.

Back to Si, my one complaint with this episode (besides the subplot) would have to be that Si’s quips were not nearly as quotable as usual.  However, when the boys accused him of being “the problem”, he did give us an enthusiastic “That’s bullshavaky”. There, ladies and gentlemen, is our Si quip of the week.

Willie then abandons hope of getting to the game. The kids were hungry. They stop on the side of the road and they tailgate and listen to the rest of the game. Uhm…go tigers?

The first we see of Phil and Kay on this trip is Kay asking Phil “Why don’t dogs have middle names?”. I don’t know, Miss Kay. I just don’t know. After the boys arrive they take a few more cracks at Si’s documentary/epic war movie. Phil is not surprised. Phil asks him what the movie will be called, to which Si responds “For Your Eyes Only”. Catchy title right? Yes! But also a James Bond movie, so Si eventually changes it to “For Your Eyes Only…Through MY Eyes”. Not quite as catchy, but much more befitting of the filmmaker. For the last segment he asks Phil what the most embarrassing moment of his life was, to which he responds that it would be being in his movie. Ouch!

Like always, the episode ended with a prayer.

Ultimately this episode was fun. The subplot was slightly distracting,but hey, we all love Willie, and all the teenage boys love Sadie, so it worked out! It did well to focus on Si for the majority of the episode, because he has the best antics and incites the best reactions, and it was good making up for last weeks “scavenger hunt”.

What? You didn’t enjoy this episode? That’s bullshavaky!

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