Duck Dynasty 5.05 Review: “Burger Commander”

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Hello again Duck Dynasty faithful! Here we are at another week, another review.

My complaints about the lack of an entertaining story line were answered today.  This week, Jase challenged Willie to a burger cook-off. Last week we saw the brothers complain about each other, and this week we saw them go head to head in a burger cooking competition. Martin, Godwin and Si follow them around while they gather ingredients for their competition. Jase questions the butcher extensively, while Willie walks away in disgust. More on this plot later.

Meanwhile, Jep’s wife (Jessica) wants to do a decoupage project. For those of you who don’t know what decoupage is, well, “it’s one of those words that sounds dirty, but it isn’t. Like masticate”. Well, that’s how Jep explained it to Phil, anyway. Jep explains that they need old newspapers and Phil has a whole shed full of old newspapers, books, and pretty much anything you could want in that department. Jep suggests that Phil take the rest of it to a recycling center…which turned into Jep taking the rest of it to a recycling center. After Jessica (followed around by the ever-lovely Miss Kay Robertson) takes what she needs in the way of paper, Phil and Jep begin a day-long project of Jep recycling paper and Phil watching, coercing, and laughing. All in all, this was quite a fun subplot. Phil is always good for a laugh and some sage advice (even if it IS how to manipulate your children into doing things for you) which could be useful!

Back to the main plot: Jase “Redneck Emeril” Robertson and Willie “Grocery Baskets are for Men too!” Robertson square off in their burger cooking competition. Si is the master of ceremonies, and Martin and Godwin are the judges. The Robertson men spar with their words as they cook their burgers (and Godwin rushes them, reminding them that he IS hungry even though he ate a whole chicken at the grocery store). The first burger to be served is the “Willie Super Stack”. It looks good but it is humongous, and falls apart when Martin and Godwin try to pick it up. Then, the “Jaseburger” is served. While it WAS small enough to actually take a bite of, the judges found that it was overcooked. The winner? Drumroll please….

It was a tie. They both lost! They gave up quickly and went to get some real burgers.

I had a blast with both of these plotlines (a huge up-turn from last week) but my favorite bit of the night was most definitely Si’s new watch. It had a calculator, and it had “all of his appointments” (bathroom break and naptime). The episode started off with Si’s watch annoying everyone else, and then kept beeping randomly throughout the episode. You’d get focused on the cook-off just long enough to get a surprise chuckle from Si and his chick-magnet calculator watch. Genius.

As always, the episode ended with a prayer, and as I mentioned earlier, mine were answered this week. The show truly returned to form and had me chuckling all the way. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me (I can never get enough TV discussion), and I will see you all again next week!

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