Emily Owens M.D. Series Finale Preview: Emily Makes Her Choice

Emily Owens M.D.Emily Owens M.D. has always been sure of herself – in the world of academia. Valedictorian of her medical school class and the creator of a renowned study method, Emily’s confidence in herself and her decision-making has never wavered in a classroom. There she was on even ground with Cassandra and there she didn’t have to worry about the pressures of real life lingering in her consciousness; she could learn, perform, and inch toward the better adulthood that she had in mind.

On the series finale of Emily Owens M.D., though, Emily will have to find the same confidence in her personal life that she had in her academic life in order to make a pretty important choice. Standing before her are two men – one who she’s grown closer to over the past five months and one she’s known (and had a crush on) for years. One who planted a surprise kiss on her in a fit of declaring his intentions and one who ended up “choosing” her over his then-current girlfriend. For arguably the first time in her love life, Emily has control and while she can handle being in charge at the hospital or in an educational setting, this could be the ultimate test regarding how far she’s come as a person in her post-grad life. Can she pass it with flying colors by figuring out what she wants out of life and who will make her happiest?

Elsewhere on Emily Owens M.D., Cassandra takes her break-up with Will surprisingly well, to the point that it distracts Will and makes him misdiagnose a patient, while Micah’s sister comes to town and finds out about her mother.

The series finale of Emily Owens M.D. airs Tuesday at 9:00 on The CW.

Who do you think that Emily will choose to be with: Will or Micah? Will Will and Cassandra be able to work together following their break-up? How will Micah’s sister impact everything with Emily?




  • pam

    It has to be Micah he is sooo cute also it’s sad they cancelled this show it was a really good one :( hoping another network picks it up!

  • Kia

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope Emily chooses Micah. I’m sick and tired of Will (Justin Hartley). He had multiple opportunities & chances to explain to Emily how he felt, even if he wasn’t sure about the whole relationship situation, but instead of him confronting that he goes with Emily’s nemesis. She should choose Micah he hasn’t put her through any problems and she was her first choice so she should make it happen. Plus Micah (Michael Rady) is adorable & just too cute!.

    • Kia

      ****She was HIS first choice****

  • Katie

    They totally have to renew this show, I mean there are so many angles that need to be explored! They should give it another shot! And yes, totally Micah, Will would not be interested if he didn’t smell competition from Micah!

  • Ginger

    Please PLEASE renew this show!! It is getting better by the episode and I’m addicted to it! Is there any chance to save it?

  • Joy

    I am loving this show and I’m heartsick that it’s being cancelled. Please keep the show on. It is so relatable–being competent in one area and insecure in another part of one’s life. It feels so good to see Emily finding her self-confidence. In any workplace in America, the characters in this show are well represented.

    • xander

      I agree! How can we let CW know to give the show a chance.

  • SK

    Absolutely love the show! There are SO MANY angles to be explored, I doubt people will lose interest! PLEASE KEEP THE SHOW. It’s a huge mistake to cancel it with still so much potential. SIGN THE PETITION!

  • Alice

    This show definitely has dragged this whole love triangle crap out. From the preview, it looks like Will because you can see his glasses peeking out. I hope it isn’t. He’s an IDIOT. If he really liked her, he never would’ve gone out with idiot girl. She would be disrespecting herself and letting Will know she’s an idiot and will do whatever he says.

  • Zandro

    I’m from Philippines and I really like this show. the show is very interesting and its funny at the same time. I got very disappointed that the tv series got cancelled in US. this is one of the few shows that have sense and not just all about sex and killing thing. CW should renew the show.

    • xander

      that’s probably the reason why they canceled the show because it doesn’t have much sex or killing and the characters are not vampires or zombies…really bummed that it was cut short by CW…let’s support the show to change the stupid decision made by CW. signe the petition and spread the word!

  • mary


    Too bad they made Emily pick will for the finale.I hope that another network will pick it up.It is great.They always make bad decisions they could have put it for another night tuesday are not really good for new shows.We love Emily owens MD and we want it back

  • lezlee oliver

    i was so irked with the ending, i wish it was just a dream and then suddenly will changed to micah and she realized she does like micah and when she wakes up she runs to micah!

  • Sheila

    Olease, please renew this series, why is it when ever I enjoy a show it gets cancelled??

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