Emily Owens M.D. Series Finale Recap: Who Did Emily Choose?

Emily Owens M.D.

Emily gets Tyra to help her practice what she’s going to say to Micah about the kiss the other night. When she runs into him later, before she can launch into her planned spiel about him being her boss and the confused feelings therein, Micah stops her and takes her to her office where they can talk privately. Except Will’s already there – and Micah gets paged before anything can be said. Emily does inform Will for the first time that she likes Micah (and means it), although their status remains unclear.

They do manage to get a moment alone, though, where Micah asks her how she didn’t know that he liked her (she didn’t think of him in that way and when she started to, she suppressed it) and asks her out on a date. Although she’s hesitant about going on a date-date, Emily agrees to go on a lunch date in the records room to talk about their status and any questions/concerns they may have going forward. At the lunch date, Micah’s laying on the floor, stressed about his mother and looking to drain the negative energy before he had to go back out there. Emily joins him and tells him about her family: a father who she’s only met once and a flighty, complicated mother who bounces from man to man and goes through a number of mistakes. Growing up with a woman like that has made Emily into the Type-A control glacier that she is, as she’s terrified of making the wrong choice. When she does like someone, she tends to latch on like a barnacle; Micah doesn’t mind that and goes over the worst case scenarios if they decided to date.

They could either break-up and be stuck in the same ER, with Emily never getting picked for procedures, or they could have something great professionally and personally, only Emily is terrified that she’ll be hated for receiving special treatment. He asks her why she cares about other people and against all odds, she takes the leap.

He does pass over her for a triple A repair assistant position, but he later admits to having overcorrected in an attempt to not show her any special treatment and would keep things balanced from here on.

Micah Mouse Mama
Micah’s mother has finally told her troubled daughter Liz about the cancer and she’s agreed to come visit that day. Micah doesn’t have a great relationship with her, but ever since the surgery, and due in part to her daughter’s newfound stability, his mother thought it time. Liz arrives and is pissed off about not being told and that her mother won’t agree to undergo a new clinical trial set to begin in two weeks; rather than undergo another round of chemo, she wants to go home, spend time with her children, and live out the rest of her life as she pleases. Once Liz gets to see her mother, she tells her about being 11 weeks along with the child of the man she had been dating; he didn’t want a part in its life and demanded she end the pregnancy. She couldn’t – but not because of any moral conviction against abortion. Liz lied about being pregnant to give her mother something to live for and plans to drag out the lie long enough to get her mother into the clinical program before “losing the baby.”

While Micah’s not okay with that, once he sees his mother’s renewed sense of hope, as well as her new wig, he doesn’t object to her heading into the clinical trial.

Maggie May
Cassandra has been taking the break-up with Will much differently than he expected. Rather than being angry (or even a little sad), she’s all smiles and peace, as she feels like he made his choice in “picking” Emily and there’s nothing she can do about it now. That tension spills into their work with their patient Maggie, an older woman accompanied by her partner Julia and tales of their children, who has been experiencing heart palpitations and possible pneumonia. Will orders chest X-rays and an EKG that come back fairly positively; he prescribes her a medication and she’s to be on her way. However, as the two are leaving the hospital grounds, Maggie has a heart attack in the car and is returned with no pulse, slumped over in her seat; she’s loaded onto a stretcher, Will straddling her and giving her chest compressions, and taken back into the hospital, only to be declared dead 25 minutes later.

The reason for her death?

Maggie had Long QT, meaning that her heart didn’t repolarize (or reset) itself quickly. The medication that Will prescribed lengthened the QT and caused her heart to short-circuit; it’s a rare syndrome that even a lot of cardiologists don’t catch right off and with Maggie’s antidepressant use not on her chart, it caused her to have a fatal arrhythmia. Julia leaves to comfort their children, while Cassandra tries to get him to lie about what happened. The medication isn’t on her chart and the EKG is fine, so in her mind, it’s better to not have a misdiagnosis/death following him around for the rest of his career, particularly for a patient that couldn’t be brought back. However, Will informed the administrators, due to Emily seeing him as the stand-up guy who always did the right thing – the type of man that he wants to be.

Later, when the two are at the bar, he admits to having chosen her over Cassandra (and being confused about his feelings for her), while Emily informs him that he lost her when he ran after Cassandra after she lost the research position. Emily wanted to be chosen and Will didn’t do that then, even though it was a choice that broke him and Cassandra up.

Here Kitty Kitty
At the coffee shop, Emily and Tyra treat a dehydrated woman (Mrs. Bednevik) who collapsed in line. When they take her to the ER to get looked at, she’s angry and quite hostile, calling people names and throwing water on doctors. She also has a fever and an infected hand that needs to be treated, but she bolts out of the hospital while nobody’s looking, ripping the IV out and making her hand even worse. Her daughter brings her back to the hospital and tells Emily that her mother is a hoarder, her home in such a shape that the Department of Health and the local Animal Control had been called. When Mrs. Bednevik finds out that she may lose her animals, Emily administers a Code Gray, administered for combative patients and resulting in the woman having her hands tied down.

Bednevik’s daughter informs Emily that this behavior began 7 years ago when she went away for college; to keep her mother from missing her too much, she bought her a cat. When she came home for Christmas, she had seven. Emily concludes that the erratic behavior comes from toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease that can be caused by material found in cat feces and that can manifest in symptoms resembling schizophrenia. Mrs. Bednevik apologizes for her behavior and agrees to undergo therapy to get back to her old self.

Do I Know You?
George is a 35-year-old man in the ER for numbness, headaches, vomiting, and fainting. He doesn’t sleep much since losing his young son around a year ago and blames his ex-wife for his death; she left him alone playing with his toys and he choked to death before she could save him. He initially seemed to be okay and to have stood up too fast while being tired, until he had a stroke trying to stand up and collapsed on the hospital floor. It turns out that there’s a golf ball sized tumor in his temporal lobe that’s caused the bleeding that made him have a stroke. He wakes up from surgery in a decidedly better mood – only, he’s lost the last four years of memory since the last time he was conscious. In addition, he lost the bitterness he had for his wife, replacing it with the love he felt for her before their divorce and their son (who was completely wiped from his memory).

But Who Did Emily Choose?
Once home from the bar with Will, Emily’s alone in her apartment and hears a knock at the door. It’s Will and before they can say a word to one another, he kisses her and they end up in the bedroom.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-I actually don’t have a problem with Emily/Will…if there were more episodes coming. I don’t think his feelings for her are as genuine as they could be and for the series to end with the two of them in bed, even if the theme of the episode is mistakes, made me a little sad.
-That being said, everything in the records room between Emily and Micah was beautiful, insightful, and romantic. You felt the emotional connection, the fact that these two people liked each other and wanted to be together.
-No Dr. Bandari, which I’m pleased with. Very little Tyra, as well, but her arc was sewed up last week.
-Thank you guys for reading all the Emily Owens M.D. articles posted this season. I’m sorry that we won’t be able to chat anymore about the show, particularly since it had been in a little groove recently and it felt like it could hit its stride if given a little more time. You can check out creator Jennie Urman’s Twitter for information about where everyone would have ended up had the show ran longer.

  • Lo

    I have been rooting for Emily and Will since the show started, so much chemistry!

    • zebby

      Will does not deserve her.

      • Anna


  • TK

    What a stupid ending to a really good show. The writer just turned Emily into an idiot – choosing to be someon’e second choice.

    • CM

      I totally agree! What a stupid choice. Very disappointed with the ending. Will will bring her down and she will bring him up.

      • Anna

        Agreed. They could have had the decency to make the genuine nice guy end up first.

  • Elizabeth

    Sooooo disappointed with the finale. Why the hell would you pick Will over Micah with everything that Will’s done. And what he did in this episode despite the fact that he told the truth is not cool. Will doesn’t deserve Emily!!

  • Celine

    Ok now I’m relieved the series finished. Poor Micah; he took a big leap telling Emily how he feels.Also, Will didn’t even choose Emily; he stared at Cassandra and she assumed that meant that he chose Emily.

    Again, poor Micah; he has a stressful job, a mother with pancreatic cancer and now a cheating girlfriend.

    I’m ranting too much, aren’t I. Well it was an unexpected ending; but I don’t get the point of focusing the entire episode on Micah, to make Will her boyfriend.

    Goodbye Emily Owens : (

  • DeAnna

    she made a STUPID CHOICE! i wasn’t rooting for Emily/Will I was rooting for Emily/Micah cause Micah showed how he felt to her and Emily was STUPID to still have feelings for Will knowing she told him and he didn’t return the feelings the first time and Micah well go above and beyond to be with Emily.


  • Nancy Edmonds

    This was such a wonderful show with a great cast. I am so sorry that it was cancelled…

  • Rain

    OMG!!! That’s unexpected to happen. I was rooting for Emily-Micah!! What happened for heaven’s sake?! this episode just show me that Emily is a little bit stupid when it comes to her personal affairs. Hello, Micah was the one who honestly confessed his love for you. Sheesh, I hope for many episodes to come then there will be development in the relationship of Emily and Micah taking it to the next level.

    • http://idk Maddie

      Season finale no more episodes

  • http://idk Maddie

    Omg i keep thinking if the show continued micah would find out cz emily told him for getting bac at him for lying about his “pregnat” sister and then will says nothing to emily all dAy long after u know wat and then emily sayswe cant be together or friends then micah sees will leave angry and emily is crying micah comforts her and says r u ok she ignores him then he says i dont know wat to say she says u dont have to say anything… I just am so confused and i dont know wat to do. Micah says im sorry emily i am and emily says me to. The hug then emily and micah relize there meant to be together and start dating

  • Quemesha

    This comment is about Emily Owens MD I am so happy that the show got canceled now because she picked Will and not Micah. Like for real anyways I know that it’s just a show. OH well its canceled now so whatever I would have stopped watching it just because of her decision. It was just a Show! I have to remember that.

  • Robbie

    While I have to admit that I was rooting for Micah/Emily, Will had feelings for her even before (he left her that message a few years back that he should be dating her instead of other women) but I guess Will never really acted on it as he looked at her more as a friend all this time. However, it clicked for him (subconsciously) that he he had feelings for Emily when he couldn’t reassure Cassanda that he has no feelings for Emily and when he heard Emily say she likes Micah, too, it dawned on Will that he should be with Emily all along and FINALLY acted on it when he went to see her at her apartment. Micah would get over Emily eventually and Emily and Will will live happily ever after.

  • Dennis

    LOl at people think Will didn’t have feelings for Emily, he did, he was just trying to shrug it off like Emily did for Will before she told him. Remember when Will said that she remembered sending that voice mail to Emily, he didn’t act to it because he is scared that things might change between him and Emily. 9/10 he has chosen Emily over Cassandra, even lying to Cassandra a few times for Emily. And Will knows almost everything about Emily even the latte she likes and her habits, and would never be too harsh on her. Why would Emily take a leap and not now whats going to happen whereas with Will she is assured that she is safe.

    Also, spoiler well not really. It is in the script that she would be with Micah if the show went on.

  • MicahFan

    Boo boo! A terrible ending to a great show. How could she choose Will, after all the self-centered things he’s done? Now Emily is just his rebound girl.

    • Quemesha

      Right I agree all though way.

    • Quemesha

      Right; I agree all the way.

  • Me

    On Twitter last night @JennieUrman revealed the plan if the show would have continued. Check it out, might make some of you feel better. It did me. After last night I was in a terrible state. Poor Micah.

  • Nia

    No wonder the show got cancelled the writer wrote a stupid ending.

  • LWnPNW

    Can’t imagine how Emily will explain to Micah why she sleep with Will on the same day that she agreed to start a relationship with him. Micah already is already dealing with a sick Mom and crazy sis so won’t be too understanding.

  • Calm yourselves.

    That episode was meant to be a MID-SEASON FINALE, guys!! The writers really meant to explain everything in the next few episodes after that but we just never got to see it ’cause this great show was CANCELED. I’ve been rooting for Emily/Will, and yes, I do admit that I screamed hysterically during the ending of Episode 13, but I have accepted the fact that Emily and Micah are going to end up together in the end (if this show did continue). The theme of this episode was “mistakes” and sadly, we’ll never know what happens after Emily and Will “do” it, and the consequences they’ll have to face, ’cause it was canceled. :(

    Disappointed that the mid-season finale was made the series finale. So many loose ends, so many things that could still happen. Emily and Will did that out of impulse and heightened emotions, but that doesn’t mean that Micah is already out of the picture. Again, still upset that that’s what we all have now, a cliffhanger. SAD. My heart breaks every time I remember it. A perfectly good show axed ’cause it wasn’t as popular as Gossip Girl or Grey’s Anatomy.

    We would never get to see what will happen with Will, ’cause he told the hospital administration and the patient’s family his misdiagnosis, or what will happen when Dr. Bendari comes back and Emily working under her as her research assistant, or Micah’s mom & sister, and UGH. It’s so frustrating. We’ll never know what was really meant to happen next.

  • Anne

    I have to admit that I am one of the reasons this show didn’t last. I found this series after it was cancelled watching all of the episodes one after the other. All too late because now it’s the show that could have been. Emily and Micah. The End.

  • asd

    ooohhhhhhh my gosh… emily must choose micah cause they are ment for each other. actually at first place i like will for emily but after i watch the episodes i realize emily and micah make a perfect couple and greatfull doctors…. so pls. will you better stay away from emily cause you dont deserve emily…

  • confused

    how good is greys anatomy is??? im so curious about it..
    emily you must choose MICAH NOT will…. huhuhu…. poor micah

  • huh??

    hey asd,how come that you only give your opinion just yesterday?? do you have a cd of it?? if you have may i barrow,plsssss??? i am despertly want to watch emily owens md again but i cant find atleast one cd of it..

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