2014 Emmy Picks: Outstanding Comedy Series

Orange Is the New Black Emmys

With the Emmy Awards airing tonight on NBC, I wanted to share my picks and predictions for what actors and series should win and will win in the five major categories for both drama and comedy. Now, for my choices of who should win, I must pick someone who has been nominated. I, for example, cannot write-in Tatiana Maslany as a pick for Lead Actress, even though I think she is most deserving, because she did not receive an Emmy nomination. Also, while I’ve seen a lot of the shows and actors who are nominated for Emmys, I have not seen all of them, so some of my judgments may be limited by what I have or have not seen.

Since I looked at all the major drama categories on Friday, I’ll be focusing on the comedy ones today to see who has the best shot at winning the Emmy for Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, Lead Actress, Lead Actor, and Comedy Series. I’ve already given my thoughts on all the acting categories, so now, last but certainly not least, it’s time to see what show should and will win Outstanding Comedy Series.


The Big Bang Theory


Modern Family

Orange Is the New Black

Silicon Valley


Should win/will win: Orange Is the New Black

While I really like Louie and loved the first season of Silicon Valley (which is my second choice and dark horse to win this category), there’s only one show that should win the Emmy this year for Outstanding Comedy Series and that’s Orange Is the New Black. Funny, dramatic, touching, and always captivating, the women’s prison series, from Weeds creator by Jenji Kohan, has become a television phenomenon this past year not because of the A-list notoriety of its actors or the Hollywood directors that it featured (unlike its Netflix counterpart, House of Cards) but because of the series’ quality.

The top-notch writing and acting on Orange Is the New Black has allowed for the series’ characters to become embedded into the hearts of show’s many fans, and with all the buzz surrounding the series, especially with season two just recently premiering this summer, this may be one of the few cases where the Emmys get it right, where the series that deserves to win will win. Or maybe I’m wrong, and Modern Family takes home the prize for the fifth straight year. However, I’m hoping and I honestly believe that Orange Is the New Black will be the Emmy-winner for Outstanding Comedy Series tonight, and it will be a great win to watch happen.

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