2014 Emmy Picks: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

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With the Emmy Awards airing tonight on NBC, I wanted to share my picks and predictions for what actors and series should win and will win in the five major categories for both drama and comedy. Now, for my choices of who should win, I must pick someone who has been nominated. I, for example, cannot write-in Tatiana Maslany as a pick for Lead Actress, even though I think she is most deserving, because she did not receive an Emmy nomination. Also, while I’ve seen a lot of the shows and actors who are nominated for Emmys, I have not seen all of them, so some of my judgments may be limited by what I have or have not seen.

Since I looked at all the major drama categories on Friday, I’ll be focusing on the comedy ones today to see who has the best shot at winning the Emmy for Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, Lead Actress, Lead Actor, and Comedy Series. I just said who I think should and will be winning the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress, and now it’s time to look at the race for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.


Fred Armisen, Portlandia

Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Adam Driver, Girls

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family

Tony Hale, Veep

Should win: Adam Driver, Girls

On a series filled with some pretty disgusting and unlikable characters, it’s got to be an almost impossible feat to take the originally least likable out of the bunch and make him into something like the show’s hero. However, that’s exactly what Adam Driver has done with the character of Adam of the course of the first three seasons of Girls, and nowhere did Driver and the character shine more than they did this past season, as Driver showed us how a lost Adam had finally found his passion with his first Broadway role and the utter disappointment he felt when his girlfriend, Lena Dunham’s Hannah, could not just simply support him. While very funny and very odd in many episodes, Driver’s best moments are when he gets to show the big heart that his character has, and he had plenty of heartfelt scenes like that this season, easily making him my pick for the actor who should take home the Emmy this year.

Will win: Tony Hale, Veep

I”ll admit something right now: I’ve never watched a full episode of Veep. I’ve been meaning to and I want to, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Therefore, I can’t really say much about Hale’s performance, which I’m sure from his track record on Arrested Development, is nothing short of fantastic. He won the Emmy last year for this role, and I’m predicting he walks away with it again tonight.

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