Emmy Nominations Overview: Outstanding Comedy Series

After examining the possible Emmy nominees in all the major drama categories, it’s now time to switch over to comedy. First up are the Emmy contenders for Outstanding Comedy Series.

New GirlProjected Nominees:

New Girl

30 Rock


Modern Family

The Big Bang Theory

Arrested Development/Veep

Three of my six picks are essentially locks for Emmy nominations in this category. Modern Family, the reigning three-time champ, will definitely be back in the mix, as will The Big Bang Theory, TV’s most watched comedy, and 30 Rock, receiving a final Emmy nod for its final season. All three of these shows will also have a great chance at taking home the Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series, since Modern Family is still an Emmy favorite and both 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory are coming off of criticallGirlsy acclaimed seasons.

Another probable contender for this category is HBO’s Girls. Even though creator Lena Dunham did receive some criticisms about season two, as some people thought the show became too dark and even weirder than it was before, I really enjoyed this season of Girls just as much as season one (well, aside from the Patrick Wilson episode). Furthermore, Girls still garnered enough praise from critics and fans to most likely gain a second Emmy nomination.

Even though the four previously mentioned shows have great chances at receiving Emmy nominations, I’m not so sure about my last two picks. New Girl really excelled in its second season, becoming what I believe to be the best comedy on TV (and if you read my New Girl reviews, you can find out why I think so in more detail). The show did a phenomenal job at utilizing its ensemble cast and handled the character development of Jake Johnson’s Nick Miller and his evolving relationship with Zooey Deschanel’s Jess expertly. New Girl was most definitely my favorite show of the 2012-2013 TV season, and I’m really hopeful that Emmy voters will recognize it.

Lastly, I cannot make a decision whether I think Arrested Development, an Emmy favorite back during its initial run from 2003-2006, or if Veep, a comedy that received two Emmy nominations last year and a win for Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the Outstanding Actress category, will take the final nomination slot. Arrested Development‘s return to Netflix had a lot of hype, but many both fans and critics were split on whether or not the show actually reached those high expectations. Veep, on the other hand, appears to have more buzz surrounding it than it did when it was nominated lat year. Will that buzz outweigh voters’ nostalgia for the earlier seasons of Arrested Development? We will have to wait and see what names get announced on July 18th.

My dream nominees: Parks and Recreation and New Girl.

I’ve already cited my reasons aboveParks and Recreation for why I love New Girl, and if I controlled who won the Emmys, New Girl would definitely take home the top prize for Outstanding Comedy Series. However, if I had a runner up, that show would be Parks and Recreation, which in its fifth season, still continues to make me laugh harder than almost any other show on TV. Bolstered by the talents of its amazing cast, including the stellar group of Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, and Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Rec‘s consistently sharp writing is what keeps me coming back for more. In each scene, the dialogue is quick-witted and funny, and each line or situation always feels just perfect within the show’s zany but heartfelt tone. In my opinion, the two best comedies on TV right now are New Girl and Parks and Rec, and I really hope Emmy voters agree with me.

Which shows do you think will be nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series?

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