Five Things to Note After Last Night’s 2014 Emmys


Unless you were avoiding social media entirely last night, you’ll  know that the 2014 Emmys took place, and had more than its share of memorable moments. Now that we know all the winners, I think it’s time to go through the show and highlight a few trends and takeaways. Here’s what I noticed by the time the show as over.


Nothing Was Ever Going to Touch Breaking Bad

With awards from Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Writing and Best Drama, Breaking Bad closed out its legacy with a slew of major wins, and it really wasn’t going to be any other way. Despite stiff competition in many categories, most notably from newcomer True Detective, there was never really any chance that one of the best seasons of any show in TV history was going to miss any of these major awards. Now the field is going to open up a bit next year, with no clear “sweep all the drama awards” frontrunner.

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Netflix Has a Long Way to Go

Netflix was shockingly shut out of ALL major awards last night, despite all this talk of a new era of quality TV. While I understand that House of Cards might not be on par with some of these other shows, despite how much it wants to be, I was surprised that Orange is the New Black consistently lost every category to Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. It’s pretty amazing they didn’t even squeak out one win, but perhaps the Emmy voting board still doesn’t appreciate Netflix encroaching on their territory.

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Being An A-List Film Actor Wins You No Favors

Even as A-list film actors like Matthew McConaughy, Woody Harrelson, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright all showed up for their nominations, all were shut out in their various categories by TV actors. Maybe that’s mostly due to Breaking Bad’s inevitable dominance which we’ve already discussed, but clearly simply being a well-respected film actor, even an Oscar-winning one, doesn’t earn you a free pass to an award.

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The Miniseries Category is Inaccurate and Stupid

I really hate the miniseries category, which awarded American Horror Story and Fargo a few awards. As much as I like Fargo (don’t get me started on American Horror Story), I don’t think either of those shows should qualify as a true miniseries, as a miniseries is something like John Adams or Band of Brothers where you know it’s not coming around for another season. American Horror Story is returning for season four, and Fargo has a season two on the way. And if they are “anthologies” as people claim, then why on earth was True Detective not in the miniseries category with them, as it’s exactly the same format?

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Sofia Vergara Should Host the Emmys, Not Be Objectified By Them

The most cringeworthy part of the night was a bit where Sofia Vergara was rotated around on a podium to “capture the attention of the audience.” While her rear end was certainly captivating, Vergara is a hilarious actress, and a brilliant entrepreneur, which has made her one of the best paid actors on TV by a mile. She deserves to be hosting the Emmys, not being the butt of an objectifying joke. I’m not sure why she agreed to that, as she’s much more than just a curvy figure and it just made everyone involved look bad.

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