Enlightened 2.08 Sneak Peeks: Abaddonn Knows About the Investigation

Shilo Adams February 28, 2013 0

Enlightened Season 2There was always a chance that Amy would want to back out of her investigation of Abaddonn. It was a small chance, considering how passionate about the cause she was and how central it became in her life, but the notoriety that would come from becoming a whistleblower could have easily scared her away rather than act as an incentive to stay the course. Coming up on the second season finale of Enlightened, Amy’s fantasies of her corporate expose taking her to a position of power, prestige, and extended reach have given way to something else entirely.

On the next episode of Enlightened, Abaddonn has found out about the investigation, the upcoming article from Jeff, and all the information Amy gathered. The culprit? Not Dougie, not Krista, but Tyler, whose guilty conscience proved too much to bear. He gives Eileen the details of everything he and Amy did to bring down the company, including using her computer as an entryway into Szidon’s inbox, and the two end up breaking up. Before that, Amy calls him to warn him regarding the impending fallout from their investigation; she might be too little too late, though, as Tyler won’t have much time to protect himself with such short notice. He has been wary of the plan from the beginning, meaning that he’s not in as deep as he could be, but Tyler still  played a major role in helping Amy gather evidence on Abaddonn. When he gets called upstairs in the finale preview, is he taking the walk of doom toward unemployment and possible legal action? Or will he make it out of this storm (mostly) unbothered?

Elsewhere on Enlightened, Amy tells her mother about what she’s been doing and Helen reacts differently than expected, while Amy points a finger at Krista when confronted by Szidon and the CEO and the aspiring agent of change have one final reckoning.

The second season finale of Enlightened airs Sunday at 9:30 on HBO.

What will be the end result of Amy’s final showdown with Szidon? Should she have even started this investigation in the first place? Will Tyler avoid a majority of the blowback?