How Abby Lee Miller Is Celebrating Birthday in Jail

Happy birthday Abby Lee Miller. Yes, we know your birthday was September 21st, but we didn’t think you were going anywhere seeing you are in jail for a while longer. You are still going to show us if there is indeed Lifetime after 51. It is possible that you can dance in jail, but there won’t be any dance troupe and certainly you will not be expecting payment for your services.

For those who may have lost Abby in Memory Lane, she was a member of the Lifetime series Dance Moms, and apparently decided to stash some of her earnings away from the Taxman 2 years ago. The initial Federal charges were: bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets, and making false declarations when filing her bankruptcy. She had to pony up $120,000 as a judgment against her and another $400,000 in fines.

How did she get herself into hot water? She made a teensy-weensy omission in her 2010 bankruptcy filing about her upcoming contract with Lifetime. Her reported earnings from the show topped $2 million and she was found guilty of stashing $750,000 in a “secret” bank account.

For those unfamiliar with bankruptcy, the process is actually pretty simple. Tell the court everything you owe and everything you expect to earn – especially upcoming six figure contracts. Abby claimed that the whole story was not told, and likely she was ready to take aim at the bankruptcy lawyer. But what is there to say? You either knew and failed to report it or … whatever.

The judicial system did let some of her critics down when they were squawking she would be out on the streets within a week. That didn’t happen. Some thought that she was abusive to the children she worked with, and thought the punishment really didn’t fit the crime because it only dealt with the money. To date there is no evidence that she started an inmate dance class.

Rumor has it that this was her scheduled birthday dance meal plan:


  • fruit
  • skim milk
  • bread
  • jelly


  • beverage
  • dessert or fruit
  • whole wheat bread
  • carrots
  • macaroni and cheese
  • and a choice (!) between chicken and peanut butter and jelly


  • beverage
  • whole wheat bread
  • another choice (!) between roast beef and BBQ tofu
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • mixed vegetables

In her interview titled Abby Tells All she made this statement about her mistakes that led up to her conviction: “the number one mistake being trusting other people with my money.” Uh, if you are filing for bankruptcy you really shouldn’t have much money to worry about. Though she was apparently upbeat about her future in the interview, her reality experience in jail is no cabaret. Few were expected to attend any planned birthday celebration.

If the math is correct, she can be expected to be released on May 18th of next after serving 85 percent of her 366 day sentence which began on July 12th. What many people are waiting to see is whether she lost any of her mental toughness between now and then. But it is almost guaranteed she will not be filing for bankruptcy anytime soon.

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