Ann Curry Opens Up About Controversial ‘Today’ Show Exit

Back in 2012, viewers were shocked when Ann Curry made a controversial exit from the ‘Today’ show. Even more surprising was that she kept quiet about exactly what had gone on behind the scenes and this led to much speculation amongst the public. Now, the former co-anchor has decided to open up about her exit from NBC’s premier morning show. She spoke about this monumental part of her life for the first time in an interview with People magazine. She said that it was hard to leave the show after almost two decades of working on ‘Today’, but it was something that she had now move on with her life and put it behind her. Curry went on to say that you learn from both the good and the bad experiences in your life.

Even before Curry left the show, there were rumors about a conflict between herself and her co-anchor Matt Lauer. Following her exit, gossip continued with many believing that Lauer was the reason she had left. Sources revealed at the time that Lauer didn’t feel the pair had good on-screen chemistry, so he put effort into pushing her out.

Curry admitted in her recent interview that it was a terrible feeling knowing that you were not wanted anymore, and this reinforced that the rumors were probably true. The situation concluded with her making a tearful exit announcement on the show in June 2012. Curry admits that announcing her departure live as a result of the situation had made her angry at the time, but she had now learned to channel her anger towards something greater.

Looking on the bright side of the situation, Curry says it gave her the advantage of spending more time with her children. She claims this is something she feels she missed out on while working on ‘Today’. Following her departure, she has spent more time with her children and focusing on the importance of family. Ann Curry has a career in journalism that spans five decades and has worked with a lot of people. Her experience with Matt Lauer had the potential to negatively impact on her view of men in the workplace, specifically within the media industries. However, she says that is not the case and that she has enjoyed predominantly positive experiences of working alongside men.

She then spoke further about this issue in the interview and described the majority of her male colleagues as exemplary. As the mother of both a son and a daughter, she said this gave her hope for their future and that it looked like there had been a significant change in the workplace in terms of the professional relationships between men and women. She does not want her daughter to face problems in the workplace due to her gender.

Despite leaving ‘Today’ in 2012, Curry continued to work for NBC in a variety of capacities until January 2015 when she officially left the network. In 2018, she will be hosting a six-part PBS series called ‘We’ll Meet Again’ which was developed by Curry’s own production company. It is about individuals who are looking for someone who changed their lives.

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