Anyone Else Think Joseph Sikora and Cate Blanchett Look an Awful Lot A Like?

Well, besides the most obvious differences Joseph Sikora and Cate Blanchett kind of do look alike. They do have the same haunting stare, the same color of eyes, and even the same kind of facial expressions. But from there it’s easier to state that they share the same face and body type than anything else.  You might have heard it said a time or two that there are only so many facial and body variations in the world, and looking at different people that look vaguely the same you can see it’s quite true.

That being said, Blanchett’s face shape isn’t quite as long as Sikora’s, and his features are a lot sharper than her more softened edges. I’m kind of wondering just how this matchup came to be but am not too surprised to see that it was brought up. There are indeed a lot of people in Hollywood that look like one another and it can be easy to mix people up if you’re not much of a movie buff or don’t watch a lot of TV.

There’s also the matter of siblings that look so much like their famous brother or sister that they can almost pass for them in many ways. Paul Walker was one such individual whose brother actually stood in for him in a few shots after his passing in the Fast and Furious franchise. They weren’t identical but his sibling was close enough in body and facial type that he fit the bill for a few short shots.

Blanchett and Sikora look just enough alike that they could possibly be siblings. The genetic traits that are held between family members are often strong enough to allow siblings and parents to bear a strong family resemblance. There are those instances however when recessive genes spring forth and make it possible to create a child that looks nothing like anyone in their family. In complete strangers though the effect of looking like one another is the simple fact that there are only so many types in the world. Eventually two or more people are going to look so much like one another that it’s uncanny. They might actually be mistaken for siblings even if they don’t know each other at all.

It is kind of eerie though how much they look like one another. They’re not related, they’re not close with one another, and according to anyone that has an opinion on social media they’ve never been seen anywhere at the same time. So now you can imagine how that might give rise to a host of rumors and theories that obviously aren’t true. They do look alike, that much is very true. But just to quell any inane theory that might spring up unfounded, Cate Blanchett is most definitely feminine and not nearly as Sikora. He’s not a super-huge bohunk by any means, but he’s not a slender person either.

Cate Blanchett and Joseph Sikora do happen to look alike, but thankfully genetic coincidence gets the nod on this one.


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