Anyone Else Think Matthew McConaughey’s Never Looked the Same Since Dallas Buyers Club?

In my opinion there are two Matthew McConaughey’s. There’s pre-Oscar McConaughey and post-Oscar McConaughey. The pre-Oscar Matthew is the “hot” Matthew McConaughey. It’s the guy who was in romantic comedies. It’s the guy who was in A Time To Kill. It’s Dazed and Confused “Alright Alright Alright” McConaughey. It’s basically the guy that every other guy wanted to be. The “peak condition” Matthew McConaughey we all came to know and love is the guy you see in the picture below.

Now, just to prove I’m right I’m going to point you to a movie where McConaughey should have been back to “normal.” His body was seemingly back to normal and he was in solid physical condition again but the film came after Dallas Buyer’s Club: Interstellar. It’s his face people. Something happened to his face. Ever since Dallas Buyer’s Club I just don’t think his face ever got back its shape. It’s like it stayed thin or something. It’s extremely hard to pinpoint. Some might argue it’s just the fact that he’s aged and that could very well be it. But I really think it was Dallas Buyer’s Club. Not that the guy isn’t good looking. He’s still a stud. I’m just pointing out what I’m observing here.

What movie was done right before Dallas Buyer’s Club? Magic Mike. I think that was the last vintage Matthew McConaughey we’ll ever see.

Is there any truth to my theory here?





  1. MaybeMockingbird April 17, 2017
    • Nat Berman April 17, 2017

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