A Brief History of the Cinema Audio Society

Originally formed in 1964, the Cinema Audio Society was created with the purpose to share information with the Sound Professionals working in the Television and Motion Picture industries. Today, there are seven different categories of membership to the Cinema Audio Society, which include the following:

  • Corporate members
  • Retired members
  • Student members
  • Honorary members
  • Career achievement members
  • Associate members
  • Active (or full) members

About the Members of The Cinema Audio Society

The active members of this society of the Mixers, including production, post production, video and film, who are working on commercials, television and feature films, as well as the Mixers who specialize in a certain area, such as Foley, A.D.R., video post sweetening and music scoring. The associate members are those who are considered sound specialists, such as microphone boom operators, recordists, technicians and sound editors. A corporate membership is available to any company that is in the video or audio field.

What Does the Cinema Audio Society Do?

Throughout the year, the Cinema Audio Society, holds various educational meetings on topics that are interesting to others in the industry. In the past, the meetings have included various dialogue from wireless microphone symposiums, microphone to the screen, a demonstration of digital sound effects editing and digital post production, the dialogue pre-dub forum and an entire symposium on the topic of digital multi-track formats, how they are used and abused. Any member of the Cinema Audio Society is not only welcome to attend, and bring guests, they are encouraged to do so.

Additional Cinema Audio Society Activities

In addition to the meetings that occur during the year, CAS also hosts an award banquet each year, bestowing various awards related to Sound Mixing for both television and feature films. The organization also honors Emmy Award winners and Academy Award winners of the Best Sound awards. During this banquet is also when the Society will also present the Career Achievement Award. Some of the people who have received this in the past include Tomlinson Holman, Ray Dolby, Richard Portman, Robert Altman, Jim Webb, Jack Solomon, Walter Murch, Jack Solomon, Don Rogers, John Bonner and Bill Varney.

What Type of Organization is the Cinema Audio Society?

This organization is considered a non-profit, philanthropic organization. Currently it is contributing to an organization called the House Ear Institute. CAS also publishes the CAS Membership and an Industry Directory, and a CAS Quarterly. The ultimate goal of the Cinema Audio Society is to be the top organization for all Sound Professionals who are in the Television or Motion Picture industry. They encourage those in this industry to provide their support and have an entire website dedicated to what they do and what they have to offer.

If you aren’t familiar with the Cinema Audio Society, now may be the perfect time to consider a membership. With several options, there are more than a few ways to be part of this organization. If you are a member, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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